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It’s been 66 years since Elizabeth Short, also known as “The Black Dahlia,” was killed in Los Angeles, Cal. However, her murder remains unsolved. One man thinks he knows who did it, though. Steve Hodel is a former Los Angeles Police Department detective, and author of the book, “Black Dahlia Avenger.” He also believes he is the son of the killer.
His father, George Hodel, was a doctor, and the prime suspect in the killing. The doctor first came under scrutiny after he was charged with molesting his 14-year-old daughter. He was later acquitted after a witness recanted their testimony. When being investigated in Short’s death, he was put under surveillance by the police. However, before charges could be filed, the elder Hodel abandoned his family and fled the country, relocating to Asia. He eventually died in 1999.
Now, Steve believes he might finally be closing in on the evidence to solve the case once and for all. The SB Sun reports Steve teamed up with another retired police officer, Sgt. Paul Dostie, and a Labrador Retriever named Buster. Buster is cadaver dog, trained to locate the smell of human decomposition.
Hodel, Dostie, and Buster investigated Hodel’s childhood home, where he believes the murder took place. Buster “alerted” the retired policemen at several locations in the home’s basement. Soil samples were collected and sent off to be tested, so for now Hodel waits for the results.

Though the case had gone cold, public interest has been renewed in recent years following the release of a film, “The Black Dahlia,” and the murder’s inclusion in the plot of “American Horror Story.”
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