black eyed peas superbowl gi Black Eyed Peas butcher Super Bowl XLV halftime performance despite Usher, Slash appearancesThe reign of disappointing Super Bowl halftime performances continues.

Despite appearances from Slash and Usher, the Black Eyed Peas couldn’t manage to salvage their shot at Super Bowl fame. Okay, okay, so they don’t necessarily need the career boost — their singles all seem to blow up whether we think they actually should or not. We’re sorry, but we have hated “I’ve Gotta Feeling” since the day it debuted, and we have often felt like no one on earth seems to agree.

One thing we hope everyone can agree on, is that hearing “I Gotta Feeling” on Sunday’s (Feb. 6) Fox broadcast was painful, whether you enjoy the tune or not.

We will admit that the light up people on the field were pretty cool, but that was about the best thing we can credit the performance with. Between the terrible vocals, Usher’s mic seeming to fade in and out and Slash’s presence in a horrific “Guns N’ Roses” injustice (to be clear: we’re not blaming Slash for the injustice, but merely acknowledging that he was there for it), it was just unacceptable.

Can we please have Janet and Justin back? We’ll take a wardrobe malfunction over those shenanigans anyway.

Watch the performance below. What do you think, are we being too harsh? Or did you hate it just as much?

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Posted by:Sophie Schillaci