blackbeard ian mcshane Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge yields a cannon to diversNotorious pirate Blackbeard (real name Edward Teach) captained the Queen Anne’s Revenge into an inlet off the coast of North Carolina in 1718 when the ship ran a ground and sank. Wednesday (Oct. 26), a group of archaeologist divers retrieved a cannon from the ship, reports Our Amazing Planet.

The cannon the team was after was C23, one of the largest on board, but the crew could not work it free from the ocean floor, says spokeswoman Fay Mitchell. That cannon lies in the sediment surrounded by a kettle, a pewter plate, cannon balls and wooden deadeyes (round wooden blocks with three holes used for a ship’s rigging).

Instead, the team was able to bring up C13, a smaller cannon from the ship (which is still 8 feet long and weighs an actual ton). The smaller cannon is still a great success for the team, which began the diving mission on Oct. 3.

The recovered cannon is covered in a layer of sand and barnacles. Cracking through that layer will take years, as they want to preserve the cannon as best they can. It will spend at least three to five years at Eastern Carolina University under the care of conservationists.

blackbeard cannon Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge yields a cannon to divers

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