blacklist best lines 'Blacklist,' 'Supernatural,' 'Glee,' and more of the best lines on TV this week

As November sweeps came to a close, we were treated to a lot of fantastic episodes of TV, with more than a few memorable lines. Zap2it collected some of the very best from the week of December 2 for your reading pleasure, from “Blacklist,” to “Supernatural,” to “Glee,” and many more.

Check out some of the funniest, most heartbreaking, and clever lines from our favorite shows this past week, but beware the spoilers that lie ahead.

“Lizzie, I want you to know — wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, if you are in need, I will be there.” — Raymond Reddington on “The Blacklist”

“I need a child, Gold. And I need your help.” — Regina

“Well, I’m flattered but uninterested.” — Mr. Gold on “Once Upon a Time”

“She was hot.
” — Dean

“So hot. And very nice … up to the point she started torturing me.
” — Castiel

“Yeah, well, not every hookup is perfect.” — Dean on “Supernatural”

“That was the most sacrilegious and profane horror show I have ever seen.” — Kitty on “Glee”

“”One thing we know about Brody is that he changes his mind.” — Senator Lockwood on “Homeland”

“I killed him. Get me out of here.” — Brody on “Homeland”

“Underneath all that humanity, I know there’s a competitor in there somewhere.” — Cam to Manny after Manny scored the winning points in a football game on “Modern Family”

“I made brownies for Christy for her son’s bakesale. They’re labeled. These are regular brownies and these have no sugar, no dairy and no gluten. I call ’em ‘frownies.'” — Marjorie on “Mom”

“Good news — this cancer clinic got 4.5 stars on Yelp. … Think about it, you gotta be alive to write the review!” — Christy on “Mom”

“Okay, so here’s the deal, cool? This is gonna go in you one hole or another.” — Jackie on “Trophy Wife”

“I’m starting to look less Samantha and more Endora every day.” — Fiona on “American Horror Story: Coven”

“Now you’re proud? Hell, if I knew how easy it was to win your approval, I would’ve made an attempt on your life way before now.” — Cordelia on “American Horror Story: Coven”

“Sometimes I think of you as mom and other times just as this interesting person that lives at our house.” — Zach Florrick on “The Good Wife”

“Good news, Tiny Tim — you’re getting a Christmas goose. Bad news: The cure for polio is still a hundred years away. — 1860s newspaper critic Jebidiah Atkinson (Taran Killam) on “SNL” Weekend Update

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