blake lively may 2011 gi Blake Lively to return as Star Sapphire in 'Green Lantern' sequel?Well, if there even is a sequel.

At the “Green Lantern” premiere on Wednesday, June 15, Blake Lively told Us Weekly that she tried to sabotage co-star Ryan Reynold‘s superhero diet so he wouldn’t look better than her in the film. In her answer, she also happened to reveal a possible spoiler for a potential sequel. “He is going to sabotage me! He is going to spike my drink with cupcakes,” she says. “No, luckily his suit was CGI, so maybe they can CGI my suit and get me a 12-pack. That would be nice!”
What suit is she speaking of? Star Sapphire’s.
In the “Green Lantern” comics, Lively’s character Carol Ferris, Hal Jordan’s (Reynolds) love interest, becomes Star Sapphire and battles Green Lantern for many years. Star Sapphire has the ability to fly and throw energy blasts that can match the power of Green Lantern’s ring. 
In an interview with Speakeasy, Lively talks about the possibility of playing Star Sapphire. “If this movie is successful and we did a few more films, I’m pretty confident that Star Sapphire would show up,” she says. “All of the conversations are very guarded and protected, even with us, because nobody wants to commit to anything, but I can’t imagine Star Sapphire not showing up if we made more films.”
What do you think, Zappers? Would you like to see Lively take on the role of Star Sapphire if there’s another “Green Lantern” film? Sound off in the comments.
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