Green-Lantern-Earth-2-DC-Comics-blind-spot.jpgSince Fridays are for tumblr-ing away your working hours anyway, we here at Zap2it have decided to give you a better way to wind down with three of the week’s best blind items from around the web.      

For this week’s Blind Spot roundup, we’ve got a hip-hopper bounding out of the closet, an actor that loves his co-stars, and more. Take a look and let us know who you think is whom in the comments below.

Anderson Cooper, Frank Ocean, Megan Rapinoe … so who’ll be the next famous celeb to tiptoe out of the closet? Well, according to, it’s a famous hip-hop artist. And based on the clues, we have one particular guess in mind, and it’s someone who’s currently dating a woman …

[MediaTakeOut via BlindGossip] just learned that as early as [Friday, July 6,] a popular hip-hop star will come out of the closet as bisexual.  

We’ve been sworn to secrecy for now — but we’re told that the official announcement is being prepared and will be ready as early as tomorrow.  

We’ve been asked to keep the name confidential until the release. But a hint — he’s popular with young folk and many of y’all have been calling him gay since he first hit the scene.  

BlindGossip note: It’s not Frank Ocean. MTO already ran that story.

Ahoy, mateys! This item from Hollywood Dame sounds a lot like a certain A-list actor who recently called it quits with his long-term love …

[Hollywood Dame] This A-lister is very fond of his co-stars. He has left a slew of one night stands and hook ups in the wake of his many films. While he was in a committed relationship, he managed to have repeated booty calls with one of his lesser known co-stars in a money making franchise. That ended once filming wrapped, but he moved on with a beauty he shared the silver screen with while he was still in the relationship. After his co-star broke up with her long term love, she demanded he do the same or else she was never going to speak to him again.

This blind item is about one of Bravo’s “Real Housewives,” and while the use of quotation marks is a little peculiar, we just run ’em like we see ’em — it could be a clue! Speaking of clues, we only know of one Housewife that calls champagne “champs” …

[Stoopid Housewives] Which Housewife just might get “revenge” for her “cheating” significant other? This Housewife has not been her usual chatty self on “iconic” social media outlets … and there’s a reason why!  

There is much more to the story that what was recently revealed on TV!  

Revenge is sweet …  

But … she shouldn’t be poppin’ open any champs when this info comes out …  

It will be put under the category: Pot meet kettle!!

Sometimes blinds are short and not-so-sweet like this one from Downfront2, which sounds like it could be about any hundreds of Hollywood frenemies.

[Downfront2] These two look like good girlfriends for the cameras … but seating arrangements don’t lie!

This BlindGossip item is particularly dishy. We have a good idea as to whom we think it’s written about, but our Single Guy tends to keep his girls around for a year or so at least — think we’re on the right track?

[BlindGossip] Single Guy and Married Couple have been friends for a long time. You will often catch pretty photos of them hanging out together every couple of months. No, this isn’t going where you think it’s going. They are not a threesome. Nor is Single Guy romantically involved with Married Girl. However, they do have a very interesting arrangement.  

Single Guy is quite the package, so it’s not exactly hard for him to land an attractive woman. In fact, he always seems to have a new Single Girl on his arm. However, he is not the only one doing the selecting. Married Girl has a big say in Single Buy’s choice of mates. That’s because the bottom line is that the Single Girl is really for her. That’s right. The real couples here are: Single Guy + Married Guy and Single Girl + Married Girl.  

So, now you know that whenever Single Guy breaks up with his Single-Girl-of-the-Month, it’s really because Married Girl has decided that it’s time. Married Girl is the selector of Single Girl, ergo the decision maker in Single Girl’s termination.  

It doesn’t always go smoothly, though. Once the Single Girl is part of this lifestyle, the fame-by-association and the lifestyle can make it very difficult to leave. However, they always do go, thanks to a binding contract and a nice payoff.

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