blind charlie sheen gi Blind Spot: Straight sitcom star hooks up with male escorts and movie actor finds new beardSince Fridays are for Facebooking away your working hours anyway, we here at Zap2it have decided to give you a better way to wind down with five of the week’s best blind items from around the web.

For our inaugural Blind Spot roundup, we’ve got an actress’ daughter who’s actually got her head screwed on straight, a sitcom star who’s turned to male hookers, a played-out R&B singer working as a call girl and more. Take a look and let us know who you think is whom in the comments below.

[BlindGossip] This celebrity was invited to a party hosted by a group of several celebrities with whom she used to be friendly. She did not want to attend the party, but did allow her adult children to go, as they had grown up with many of the people who were there. The singer directed her kids to call her immediately if anything suspicious or “too adult” happened at the party.  

She soon got a call from her daughter (an actress), who reported that many of the celebs that Mom knew were hanging around a table. On that table were long, long lines of powder, some running the entire length of the table. Several big names were hovering over the table and hoovering up its contents. Among that group:      

– An actress whose beauty has been destroyed more by plastic surgery than by age. She is married to an actor whose career is faring better than hers.     

– An actor who is known for only one role in a nostalgic TV show     

– The one-role actor’s wife. She is an actress, too, and hails from a famously screwed-up family. 

Mom calmly asked her daughter what she thought she should do. The daughter – who is a rising star and seems to have her head screwed on straight – immediately pulled her sibling away from the party and headed for home. 

[National Enquirer] What straight, divorced father and former TV sitcom star — he’s since crashed and burned and is now trying for a comeback — had a memorable sex party with multiple male escorts? The actor is known for his wild partying and hooker escapades, but he seems to have gotten bored with the ladies and is now into guys.     

[Buzz Foto] This beautiful R&B singer peaked in the early 2000?s but now her spotlight is dimming … Dimming so much that she is said to be working with a well-respected and discrete Hollywood Madame. For a few appointments a year, she’s paying the mortgage for herself and several family members. There are apparently a lot of rich business men that will pay big bucks to spend the night with a former famous performer.

[Hollywood Dame] Remember when we mentioned that actor who has been immersing himself in work but his team has been busy beard shopping? Click HERE if you missed that one … Well, he has found a taker. She hasn’t done much lately, but she will be in a movie filled with big names next year.

[CDAN] It is surprising to me that this actress still can go out and smile everyday and keep plugging away at her career. She is probably a C+. Movies mainly. Almost exclusively actually. Even though she is a C+ in the acting world, you would probably still recognize the name for sure, although putting a face to it would be a little tougher. At one point she was the lead in a movie. That seems a long time ago.

When she got the lead she did so through contacts she made at her church. They made it clear to her that there would be payback. She balked at what their payback was. It turns out that when new recruits come through the door they wanted her to act as their greeter and to show them around. They also wanted her to flirt and if the person had enough money and was a big catch, the flirting should turn into something more. She refused. She then had a year long dry spell acting.

Apparently at some point all was forgiven and she started getting roles again. All the roles were set up through contacts of the church. She was on top of the world again and excited that she was acting. Then she started wanting some of the money she had been paid. Turns out that because she had not entertained the men properly before, the church was fining her. They took almost every penny of her salary for four consecutive movies. She had enough for rent and food. That’s it. Car? Nope. They came and took her to work and picked her up and took her to church. Quit the church? She can’t. Her whole family is in the church.

She thinks her friends are in the church too. She was wrong. Have a drink? Smoke some pot? Those friends were sending texts the second she did anything over the line and she was forced to pay fines or work for three days straight or suddenly told she did not get a role. She was given a boyfriend. They did not have sex but she was told the actor needed a girlfriend to stop rumors about his sexuality so she complied. Out in public and in interviews she said he was her boyfriend. They went to premieres and parties and were the happy couple. At the end of the night he went home and so did she after she gave a report.

24 hours a day they are in her life. Several times she has wanted to walk away, but she loves acting. She keeps putting on that smile and pretending her life is great but she hates every second.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper