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I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season. I know I did, even if my newly-acquired GPS system (thanks, in-laws!) really had trouble accepting the fact that we bypassed a road of its choosing. So much so that it less-than-kindly suggested we turn around on more than one occasion. Seven, in fact. I’ve had exes who had less trouble letting go. But I digress from the point at hand.

And that point is, kids, that yours truly is the proud owner of Season 3 of Lost on Blu-Ray, thanks to Santa Claus (or quite possibly my wife…probably safe to bet it was the latter). That’s right: I get to now revisit my favorite season of the show in stellar picture and sound quality in the weeks leading up to the January 31st premiere of Season 4. (Make sure, when you click that link, that you look very, very closely at the cover art. There are clues in there that I think are vital to understanding Jacob, Smokey, and the reason that these two have interacted with those on the Island in the way they have. My full explanation will come in next week’s Theory Thursday.)

While the major difference between the Blu-Ray and normal DVD sets of Season 3 consist of sound and picture, there are also some exclusive bonus features found only on this high-def set. And while I’d normally be that annoying guy who publicly gloated about his exclusive Lost material, I’m paid the big bucks here at Zap2It to give you the skinny on everything and anything Lost that I can get my hands on. So I’ll be dishing on all those special features in the days and weeks to come, rather than insist you shell out $400 for a Blu-Ray player and more cash for the set itself. Although I must say, the episodes look and sound FANTASTIC. Don’t believe the hype; believe me. As Annie Lennox put it once so eloquently and persuasively, "Would I lie to you?" I mean, Benjamin Linus might, but I certainly won’t. If you have the means, and the disposal income, spend the money on the upgrades. Or, you know, mail me a check with any excess fundage burning a whole in your pocket. I fully support that economic decision as well.

So here’s the schedule for the nearish future. Tomorrow, I’ll be posting my take on the newest mobisode, the punningly-titled "Arzt and Crafts." (Cue the groaning now.) In case you’re wondering, yes, it’s a pre-explody Arzt featured in this mobisode. After that, I’ll alternate for the near future between analyzing the Blu-Ray specific extras, mining them for clues, and finally getting to my all-time, Top Ten Episodes of Lost. We’re in the final homestretch before Season 4 starts, so be sure to check back extra often, as I’ll be ramping up the entries, the speculation, and the topless photos of Hurley. Well, I’ll ramp up two out of the three, I suppose.

If you’re looking for hints as to what will be on my list, well, I can assure you this episode will make the cut. This one won’t even come remotely close to making the cut. That’s all I’ll say for now. Like the writers of Lost, I’ve gotten good and dribbling out information without giving it all away at once.

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Posted by:Ryan McGee