2wahlberg ramirez mistaken  'Blue Bloods' Season 4, episode 10: A bombing sparks a case of 'Mistaken Identity'

After a two-week break, it didn’t take long for the Reagans to be in the thick of action again on “Blue Bloods.”

In “Mistaken Identity,” Friday’s (Dec. 13) episode of the CBS police drama, Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) went with partner Maria (Marisa Ramirez) to investigate the bombing of a mosque. An imam (Alok Tewari) informed the cops it wasn’t the first trouble for the site, and he suspected neighbors feared a religion they didn’t understand.

“Haters gonna hate,” Maria reasoned, though a gang symbol had been left in one of the incidents. The detectives went to quiz gang leader Kevin (Gregory Cook), who displayed more than a trace of attitude — directly insulting Maria, who cautioned him about police rules for dealing with “verbally abusive suspects,” then made a direct knee-to-crotch “connection” with him.

An apparent witness cleared Kevin, but surprised Danny and Maria by claiming the bomber had been wearing Muslim attire. “Why would a Muslim want to hurt his own people?” the witness wondered — as did Danny.

Frank (Tom Selleck) resisted attending an event of the Citizens Defense League, a group he viewed as “a bunch of radical, fringe bottom-feeders who raise money by vilifying the NYPD.” Garrett (Gregory Jbara) thought the mosque incident made Frank’s presence more vital, but the commissioner still refused to go.
Danny and Maria happened upon a street fracas between several cops and a Sikh, who had punched one of the officers (Andrew Stewart-Jones) who believed the assailant “fit the description” of the bombing suspect.

The arrested man (Samirat Chakrabarti), who leveled a charge of racial profiling, turned out to be a chief of neurosurgery. And it got worse for Frank, since a lawsuit was being filed against his department for violation of the man’s civil rights.

The bombing probe led Danny and Maria to Mustafa Haddad (A.K. Sioud), once suspected of killing his brother’s girlfriend. “I’m sure he’s gotten over that by now,” Danny told an unconvinced Maria. Haddad wasn’t happy that his community was thought to harbor a bomber, telling the cops they would have to do their “own dirty work.”

Jamie (Will Estes) got a cross-country visit from his law-school friend and now casual girlfriend Dana (Laura Breckenridge, reprising her earlier guest role), who immediately thought he and Eddie (Vanessa Ray) might be more than professional partners.

Eddie joined Jamie and Dana for drinks after they attended a law-association function. When Eddie left the table momentarily, Dana implied something more might be going on between the police partners, but Jamie maintained “the last thing” he needed was anything personal with Eddie. “If you say so,” Dana responded in a sing-song tone.

While going over possible suspects in the bombing, Danny got a call that Haddad’s business also had just been bombed. This time, there was a casualty, a Haddad friend who lost a leg in the blast.

Danny started checking Internet addresses of people who might boast about committing such an attack, narrowing it down to one Bashir Zaki (Piter Marik), who lived near both bombing locations.

While cozied up in bed together after their night out, Dana continued to quiz Jamie about Eddie, noting that “it’s not like we’re exclusive.” Jamie quickly got dressed and headed for work, teasing Dana that it was “a date with Eddie.”

While on patrol, Eddie began interrogating Jamie about Dana playfully, and he told her Dana was “jealous of you.” To which Eddie said to him, “You are nowhere near my type.” “Ditto,” Jamie retorted. “You’re way too short.”

Eddie then confessed that her supposedly well-to-do father had been at the crux of a Bernie Madoff-type Ponzi scheme, and her dad was serving related prison time. “Reagan, it’s not your family that’s not good enough,” Eddie concluded to Jamie. “It’s mine.”

Frank summoned the punched officer, who had been cleared of any wrongdoing, to a meeting at his office. Still, the cop admitted, “I might have had it coming. A little bit, anyway.” Frank replied that the officer’s instinct to place himself in the other man’s shoes was “the most valuable tool on your belt.”

At the Reagan homestead later, Frank admitted to Erin (Bridget Moynahan) he didn’t know “who’s right or wrong” in the assault case. Frank ultimately suggested that Erin and the D.A.’s office “look at this for what it is: two wrongs that cancel each other out.”

Questioned at his apartment by Danny and Maria, Zaki had an alibi for his whereabouts at the time of the bombing … but they thought his wife (Sepideh Moafi) might know something. “A Muslim woman’s never going to talk to strangers about her husband,” Danny assessed after leaving. “At least not while he’s in the room.”

He and Maria located the wife later, and she admitted the illness of her husband’s father was compounding the family’s stress, emotionally and financially. She then revealed her spouse had started to question his faith deeply, and Danny and Maria went to check the father’s apartment.

They found, as Danny put it, “enough explosives to blow up the block,” as well as a flyer promoting a Muslim Day Parade scheduled for the next day.

The event was staked out by the NYPD, and Danny and Maria left upon learning Zaki had been apprehended upon visiting his hospitalized father. In a precinct interrogation room, Zaki admitted to them that he had planted a bomb somewhere along the parade route. “If Allah is as great as he claims,” Zaki said, “He will intervene.”

As Maria tried to get the parade shut down, Danny showed a photo of his sons to Zaki, asking him to think about what it would be like if they were lost in such a premeditated explosion. And Danny then brought Zaki’s own daughter (Lucy Fava) into the room, which was enough to convince Zaki to give up the bomb’s location … “but you only have 19 minutes.”

It was in a speaker on the parade’s main stage, and a bomb squad officer successfully defused it in time.

Back at headquarters, Haddad visited Danny with an offering of friendship. Meanwhile, Frank met with the lawsuit-filing neurosurgeon, who expressed gratitude that the assault charge against him was reduced to a misdemeanor.

“My officer was trying to do his job,” Frank explained. “But his judgment was off, and in the process, he insulted a good man and his heritage. And that’s wrong.” The officer himself then appeared, and as Frank noted that they both “deserved a do-over,” the story concluded with the two men shaking hands.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin