bridget moynahan holt mccal 'Blue Bloods' Season 4, episode 18: Years later, the Reagans are 'Righting Wrongs'

The justice-seeking Reagan family always wants to do right by others, even if it takes some time to get there.

Several examples factored into “Righting Wrongs,” Friday’s (April 4) episode of CBS’ “Blue Bloods” written by co-executive producer Siobhan Byrne O’Connor. One involved Erin’s (Bridget Moynahan) dealings with defense attorney Robert McCoy (guest star Holt McCallany), whom she met at a speed-dating event she really didn’t want to attend, tainting their first impressions of each other.

Erin wasn’t less testy later as they discussed his client, a robbery suspect who wasn’t new to felony charges. He wanted to get the bail reduced, but Erin refused and dismissed him by saying, “I guess I’ll see you in court.”

Jamie (Will Estes) was surprised to be sent to see the Chief of Detectives. When he arrived, the chief stepped out, and in stepped Frank (Tom Selleck) … handing him the file on a 10-year-old cold case. Frank explained the matter was “delicate. It needs to be under the radar. I need someone I can trust … and someone who’s capable.”

Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Maria (Marisa Ramirez) were summoned to the scene where a dead woman had been found, and Maria immediately noticed the woman’s costly shoes. The only identification on her was the business card of Dr. Alex Garland.

Naturally, the detectives went to see to the doctor (guest star Scott Bryce), who immediately recognized the deceased woman from a photo: “It’s my wife.” He maintained he thought his spouse Nicole had been in Aruba with a girlfriend, and Danny and Maria wondered why she’d have lied, thinking she might have been having a secret affair.

A new wrinkle arose when a medical examiner told Danny the marks on Nicole’s body were from cosmetic surgery — and that she’d died from a reaction to a pain reliever she’d been given.

Jamie wondered if his previously expressed desire to make detective prompted Frank to have him reinvestigate the decade-old murder of a young woman named Michelle Lowe. “I think you can handle it,” Frank explained, “and I need discretion.” He also needed someone to “keep a promise to a grieving mother,” since that woman believed the burglar arrested for her daughter’s slaying wasn’t the killer.

The search for clues took Jamie to Michelle’s former building, where he spoke with the superintendent, then with her neighbors Dean and Joyce Charlton (guest stars Mason Pettit and Samantha Soule). They told Jamie their version of what had happened that night, claiming they’d warned Michelle to be “wary of strangers.”

Finding partner Eddie (Vanessa Ray) at a bar, Jamie tried to make amends for having to be secretive about his case. She remained resentful and told him, “You don’t trust me,” but he asked her not to take it personally. She said that was difficult, since she was having to handle parking summonses on her own, but she playfully added he could “square things” if he bought her a beer.

The girlfriend Nicole Garland supposedly had gone to Aruba with, Emily Matthews (guest star Marguerite Stimpson), told Danny and Maria that Nicole had been getting a “mommy makeover” to surprise her allegedly “bored” husband.

The cops then went to see Dr. Levine (guest star Aaron Lazar), to whose office Nicole placed her final phone call. He denied doing anything wrong, having performed “thousands” of similar surgeries .. but later, Danny and Maria found he was under review for malpractice.

At the Garlands’ apartment building, they were shown surveillance footage by the downstairs guard, who confirmed he had seen Dr. Garland with a younger woman — and that they had been “all over each other.” The detectives confronted the doctor with the information, who then clammed up and wanted a lawyer.

The Reagan-family dinner involved much conversation about plastic surgery, with would-be matchmaker Linda (Amy Carlson) managing to redirect the subject to Erin’s social life. However, when Jamie asked Danny how many open cases he still had, Erin started to suspect Frank secretly had put Jamie on the Michelle Lowe case.

Erin went to see Robert and, on the basis of his belief in his client, agreed to plead down the charges as long as the woman entered recommended treatment programs. Later, Robert paid a visit in the opposite direction, inviting Erin to dinner. He explained it wasn’t to thank her for the plea deal, but because “I like you — or think I might, given the chance.” She accepted his invitation.

At the hotel where Nicole had stayed while pretending to be in Aruba, Danny and Maria acquired more surveillance footage, and Danny noticed that a woman who was checking out had the same manicure as a nurse in Dr. Levine’s office.

The nurse was brought in for questioning and admitted she had used Nicole’s name at the hotel. She also confessed she had been present when Nicole had the fatal drug reaction and died, and then she helped the doctor move the body.

Back to Dr. Levine’s office went Danny and Maria, who arrested him while he was treating someone. On the way out, Danny told several more patients in the waiting room, “You all really do look good just the way you are.” 

After talking with the incarcerated bandit (guest star Lucas Salvagno) convicted of killing Michelle, Jamie went back to Dean Charlton. Music that was playing on the night of the murder was used by Jamie as his cell-phone ring tone, clearly unnerving Charlton, who admitted to checking on Michelle that night and entering her apartment. What had started innocently took a turn when he’d tried to kiss her, he revealed to Jamie, and she threatened to tell his wife.

“I didn’t mean harm,” Charlton said. “I just wanted to kiss her.” Cold case solved, at last, and Frank congratulated Jamie as they walked down a street together. “You’d make a great detective,” the elder Reagan told the younger one, though Jamie said he still wasn’t sure of the career path he wanted.

“Michelle’s mother has been waiting for this day for 10 years,” Frank noted as he left Jamie to deliver the news to her by himself. “It’s your case.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin