donnie wahlberg tom selleck 'Blue Bloods' Season 4, episode 19: Danny is a suspect in Frank's 'Secret Arrangements'

Impulsive as Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) is, it was destined to happen sooner or later.

The NYPD detective was among several officers covertly investigated — in a probe he wrongly believed was launched by his father, Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) — in “Secret Arrangements,” Friday’s (April 11) episode of CBS’ “Blue Bloods.”

The concern arose for Danny while he and Maria (Marisa Ramirez) were working the case of a dead college professor found in his car, with his wallet and watch gone — but with two cell phones, which launched suspicions.

At the same moment, Erin (Bridget Moynahan) paid a visit to Frank’s office to tell him the D.A.’s office was starting to look into the “remarkable success” of several of his detectives, including Danny. “This meeting never happened,” Erin cautioned Frank, knowing they both could be accused of family-related interference otherwise.

Danny and Maria went to see the professor’s widow, fellow teacher Valerie Daniels (guest star Janet Zarish), who was angered by their inference that her husband had a second phone for possibly questionable purposes. Fellow faculty member Seymour Kerwin (guest star Gregg Edelman) arrived to console her, then showed the cops out as Valerie went to phone her daughter with the bad news.

While taking in a belligerent woman who kept yelling for a “Mike!” in the same way Stanley Kowalski screamed “Stella!,” Jamie (Will Estes) — who’d been bitten by her — and Eddie (Vanessa Ray) ran into Spencer Croft (guest star Robbie Sublett), a college friend of Jamie’s who was in town on business. Eddie and Spencer took an instant shine to each other, but the cops had to get back to the still-shouting “Vampire Girl,” as Jamie dubbed her.

Frank used Garrett (Gregory Jbara) as a sounding board on Danny, prompting Garrett to ask whether Danny steps “over the line.” Frank replied, “I think he probably steps on the line,” acknowledging Danny’s “quick temper” ever since his youth and how personally Danny takes his job. Garrett eventually advised Frank to have “this off-the-record meeting with your son.”

The dead professor’s computer had a link to a supposed scholarship site, but clicking on it revealed an escort service’s page … with both the professor and Kerwin listed as “donors.” Danny and Maria sought out Kerwin at the university, and he maintained the operation wasn’t a prostitution ring: “It’s not dirty.” The cops got from him the name of a contact for the service.

Danny’s immediate boss, Sgt. Gormley (Robert Clohessy), dined with Frank and gave only a glowing report on Danny. “To be honest, your son drives me nuts,” Gormley said, “but if you’ve got any others like him at home, please send them my way.” Frank then asked to be sent Danny’s case files “discreetly.”

Jamie told Eddie that Spencer had asked for her number, and he warned her Spencer wasn’t the most reliable person in relationships. Nevertheless, Eddie asked if Jamie would double-date with her; though clearly hesitant, he agreed.

Danny and Maria found the escort-service contact, Jeremiah Kade (guest star Michael Braun), and asked for details on the “scholarship fund.” He refused until they threatened a statement linking the fund to a death, then they got the name of the specific escort they were seeking, college student Maggie Parker (guest star Emma Galvin).

Going to her apartment, they noted it was more lavish than someone of her means likely could afford. She retorted, “There’s no law against friends with benefits, is there?” When the detectives asked for her e-mails and text messages with the dead professor, she became anxious about her parents learning of the relationship.

Maggie then broke down completely, revealing she’d broken up with boyfriend Milo Finley (guest star Jay Devore) after he found her with the professor. She added that Milo had threatened the man, and that “he must have gone through with it.” 

Records showed Milo had called Maggie “108 times after she broke up with him,” per Maria, but Danny was distracted when an informant showed up and told him about being questioned by “suits with badges and haircuts” about Danny. That sent Danny to Sgt. Gormley, who insisted he didn’t know who might be conducting such an investigation.

In turn, that sent Danny to Frank, in an at-home confrontation that found Frank keeping silent about anything he knew. “No cop is a V.I.P.,” the commissioner stated, prompting Danny to accuse Frank of having started the probe.

“Do you really think I would side against you? Ever?” Frank asked. Danny didn’t reply, and a disappointed and angry Frank said, “How sad for you. Now, get out of my house. Come back when you’re ready to have a conversation for real.”

The weekly Reagan family gathering was the next day, and knowing of the Frank-Danny dispute, Erin wryly noted, “This should be a fun dinner.” Of course, it was anything but that, with the tension palpable despite others’ attempts to lighten the mood. Danny received a phone message and got up to leave; as Linda (Amy Carlson) tried to dissuade him, Frank groused, “Let him go. He’s not here anyway.”

Danny met Maria to question Milo, who was drinking at a bar. Milo was both surprised and pleased by the news that the professor was dead: “Thank you. You just made my day.” The bartender backed Milo’s alibi that he also had been there at the time of the death.

On the double date, when Eddie and her girlfriend went to freshen up, Spencer gave his opinion that Jamie liked Eddie as more than a professional partner. As Jamie walked her home later, they bantered playfully about a song they both knew from childhood — and upon arriving at Eddie’s door, they kissed. 

Neither knew quite how to process their unexpected “moment.” Jamie hastily said, “You should get inside. It’s late.” Eddie agreed, “OK. I’ll see ya later.”

On the job the next day, they struggled to make small talk until Jamie finally said, “About last night … ” Eddie appeared to concur that the kiss shouldn’t have happened, though Jamie opined, “It was bound to happen sooner or later.” Eddie added, “At least now, it’s out of our systems.” Neither really seemed to buy that, though.

Seeking an update on the murder case, Sgt. Gormley read aloud one of the poetic professor’s love notes, to the bemusement of Danny and Maria — until they noticed a reference to a subway token, something not used in New York in years. Danny had a hunch the professor originally sent the poems to his wife. If she’d found out they were being recycled for his young escort, that might put her “over the edge,” as Maria termed

The detectives went back to see Mrs. Daniels and indicated a student may have been involved in her husband’s death. Maria then showed her the poems, Danny started reading one, and the woman’s emotions began to show. Pressing her with the notion that poems created for her might have been used on another woman, she shrieked, “I could never let that happen!” The cops had their culprit.

Responding to Erin’s invitation to dine with her at home, Frank found she’d also invited Danny. As she went to get drinks, the two men looked at each other silently and somewhat sheepishly. Danny eventually insisted Frank should have told him about the internal investigation.

“I disagree” was Frank’s response, and he pulled out a document and told Danny to look at it. It was an addendum to NYPD interrogation guidelines, detailing recent additions inspired by the “most productive detectives,” as well as others that were no longer to be used. “You’ll find yourself in both sections,” Frank noted to Danny.

Erin then sat down with the men, turned on the TV and showed home movies of their younger years. As Tony Bennett and k.d. lang’s duet on “What a Wonderful World” played, they all got teary and — at least for the moment — peaceful again.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin