frank wood tom selleck blue 'Blue Bloods' Season 4, episode 5, 'Lost and Found': A kidnapping and crises of faith rock the Reagans

The personal and the professional have a way of merging for the Reagans of “Blue Bloods.”

Such was the case again in “Lost and Found,” Friday’s (Oct. 25) episode of the CBS police drama written by co-executive producer Daniel Truly. Frank (Tom Selleck) was alarmed to learn Father Markhum (Frank Wood, “The Newsroom”), the NYPD’s chaplain, had been stopped for driving while intoxicated … “the fourth time in two months,” police chief Dino (John Ventimiglia) revealed.

The clergyman had rear-ended another car, and Frank worried that intervening would appear to be favored treatment — something the arresting officer already had furnished by letting the priest sleep off his condition. And Frank realized such handling was “the reason I never heard about the other three DWI’s.”

Later, Frank entered a confessional to talk to the chaplain, and told him to turn himself in: “Even priests do penance, Jerry.”

While eating out with Erin (Bridget Moynahan), Nicky (Sami Gayle) noticed a cute youngster (Makenna Barrett) and mentioned the apparent father seemed to be “kind of a jerk.” After the child and dad left, the waitress found written on a napkin on their table, “Help me.” Erin tried to gather evidence from other patrons while Nicky ran out to find them, but they were nowhere to be seen.

donnie wahlberg blue bloods 'Blue Bloods' Season 4, episode 5, 'Lost and Found': A kidnapping and crises of faith rock the Reagans

Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) went to the diner and suggested the note might have been “a prank,” but surveillance video showed the youngster trying to pull away from the man once they went outside. A karate-related symbol on the girl’s pants gave Danny a clue, and he asked to take the tape … and also took the chance to order a sandwich to go.

Tracing the symbol to a specific karate school, or dojo, Danny and Maria (Marisa Ramirez) learned from a teacher that the girl’s parents ran a travel agency. There, her mother (Alison Wright) was shown a frame from the surveillance video and indicated, after a slight pause, “That’s my husband.” She also suggested the “Help me” message had been “a misunderstanding.”

Danny still wanted to talk to the presumed husband, and it turned out the real one (Maury Ginsberg) was heading into the agency just as the cops were leaving, The clearly nervous man was told by Danny, “Get your wife and meet us at the diner in 15 miniutes.”

At the hushed-toned meeting, the parents admitted their daughter had been kidnapped, and her captor (David Vadim) wanted them to arrange travel for a couple of “business associates” of his — members of the Croatian underworld. If they didn’t, their daughter would be killed.

Undercover in street clothes, Jamie (Will Estes) and Eddie (Vanessa Ray) probed a series of smash-and-grab thefts at jewelry stores. The police partners staked out one shop, and it didn’t take long until a man (Daniel Eric Gold) came in and demanded an $8.000 refund on an nonrefundable custom piece.

The customer got edgier and louder, to the point where the store security guard asked him to leave … and then, his gun was grabbed by the man. Jamie tried to talk him down while being herded toward the back of the store, along with Eddie and the others who were present.

The man wanted whatever money he could get for the evidently unsatisfactory jewelry, and Jamie cautioned him that the moment he touched any of it, “That makes this armed robbery.” Eddie tried another angle by asking the gunman, regarding the woman in his life, “Is she worth losing your life over? No one is worth that.”

The hostage taker was on his own, though: The woman had left him for another man, and he was determined to go through with African relief efforts they’d planned together, using the money he intended to recover for the jewelry. Jamie offered to stay as the lone hostage, and the gunman agreed. But as soon as everyone else was in the clear, Jamie drew his own gun and took the man into custody.

Jamie asked for Erin’s help in handling the arrested man, reasoning the fellow had just “snapped” over his broken engagement. Erin hesitated to intrude on another prosecutor’s case, but promised Jamie she’d “look into it.”

Garrett (Gregory Jbara) told Frank the chaplain’s drinking problem had started after the suicide of a policeman the priest had been counseling. And “not just another cop,” Frank noted: They had been together throughout the events of 9/11, with the priest continuing to support the officer long afterward.

Frank asked Father Markhum what was different about his recent circumstances, his having dealt with loss for so long, The chaplain lamented that “nobody’s coming” to him anymore, given other sorts of counselors and even the meds people take to feel better. And, basically, he had decided to throw in the towel.

Danny had an idea to catch the kidnapper, who didn’t know what the incoming travelers looked like. Getting two cops to pose as them and retrieve the abducted youngster was Danny’s plan, and her father steered the planned trade away from an airport. The felon set a park as the new site, warning “your daughter dies” if anything were to go wrong.

Two dressed-down cops stepped in to pose as the Croatians as Danny and Maria ran the operation. Upon arriving, the kidnapper was clever, quizzing the cops on their supposed homeland — and stumping them with one question, prompting the abductor to pull his gun. Danny also pulled his and shots were exchanged, setting off a chase through the park as more bullets flew.

Literally running into a cab stopped the fleeing felon, who turned to walk away and told Danny, “You’re not going to shoot me in the back.” Danny didn’t hav
e to: The kidnapper walked right into the path of a moving vehicle and was killed. And the youngster was saved.

Another Reagan also didn’t have to do additional work on a case: Erin informed Jamie that the gunman from the jewelry store had hung himself. And as others at the family dinner table discussed the concept of faith, a saddened Jamie weighed in by saying, “Even when you do what seems like the right thing, sometimes things still turn out wrong.”

Jamie soon got a chance to restore his own faith, though. Garrett found him shooting hoops at a basketball court and told him, “Your father needs a favor.” He was dropped off at the church of Father Markhum, neither knowing exactly why they were there at first.

And suddenly, Jamie understood the reason, just as the chaplain offered him a cup of coffee … and the two men went to have what was likely to be a mutually beneficial chat.
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