Dining out can be dangerous.

So Frank (Tom Selleck) discovered after having dinner with Angelo Gallo (guest star Chazz Palminteri) — a boyhood friend who happened to be a Mob lawyer — in Friday’s (Nov. 15) “Blue Bloods” episode “Justice Served,” written by series co-executive producer Siobhan Byrne O’Connor. The men left the restaurant jovially, but right after Frank’s car pulled away, the attorney was felled by two bullets to the back.

Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) was getting a taste of another side of the law by serving jury duty. Young defendant Deshawn Williams (J. Mallory-McCree) was on trial for the murder of a deli cashier, and when the jurors went into deliberation, only one held out for a “not guilty” verdict. Guess who?

Eddie (Vanessa Ray) was excited about a date with commodities trader Jake (Jason Ralph), and when Jamie (Will Estes) playfully asked if he knew she was a cop, she said such information is “a real romance killer.”

After having drinks with Jake, Eddie told him she needed to call it an early night, and he offered to walk her home. When they reached her door, he wanted to go in with her, but she declined. He seemed to accept it gracefully … then forced his way in and brutalized her.

The next morning, Jamie was worried that Eddie hadn’t checked in, so he went to her apartment. She told him through the door that she was taking a sick day, but he convinced her to open it; when he saw her battered and bruised, she claimed she’d had a car accident. He didn’t buy it, but she told him, “It’s none of your business. Leave me alone.”

Once the story of Gallo’s shooting hit the papers, Garrett (Gregory Jbara) was concerned everyone would want to know why Frank had been dining with him. Garrett then noted Gallo’s work representing one of New York’s most notorious crime families and added, “I’m advising you not to get further involved with this.” Frank testily replied, “This is how you treat your friends?”

Information that Gallo recently told a client he’d no longer represent him made Frank suspect the end of that attorney-client privilege was behind the hit — compounded by the fact Gallo had been dining with the police commissioner.

dwahlberg blue bloods 325 'Blue Bloods,' Season 4, episode 8: Frank, Danny and Jamie all try to see 'Justice Served'

Danny tried to convince his fellow jurors the evidence against the defendant was “circumstantial at best.” He made his point with some, changing their minds, but frustrated others — particularly jury foreman Alex (C. Thomas Howell) — as he displayed his investigative experience.

“You’re a cop,” Alex lobbed at Danny. “Your father’s a police commissioner. Your sister works for the D.A.’s office. Your entire family’s involved in law enforcement.” And an increasingly heated Alex added Danny had lobbied for tougher sentences in cases just like the one being considered.

The result? The judge declared a mistrial, agreeing with the defendant’s lawyer that “the integrity of the jury has been compromised.” But Danny wasn’t done: The detective who allegedly had made a weak case in probing the murder complained to Danny’s sergeant, who handed over the file on the investigation and told Danny, ‘Prove it.”

Frank paid Gallo a hospital visit and said, “Talk to me.” Gallo tried to chalk up his shooting to a “random gang initiation,” then clammed up as Frank kept digging for the truth. “I’m not a rat,” Gallo said. “You’re not a fool, either,” Frank replied. “Only a fool protects a guy who tried to kill him.”

Back on patrol, Eddie told Jamie, “I don’t feel like talking.” She got angrier as he continued to question her about her date, and he eventually asked her to go get lunch — giving him a chance to check her cell phone. And he jotted down the number of a missed call.

The weekly Reagan family dinner came relatively early in the episode, and a stony silence met Linda’s (Amy Carlson) question, “How’s everybody’s week been?” After a couple of “I can’t talk about its,” Jamie covertly referenced Eddie’s situation and asked for advice from Frank, who said he was in a similar dilemma of whether to press someone for answers. “If I can get past the fear of losing a friendship,” Frank reasoned, “I’ll know what to do.”

As Williams awaited a new trial, Danny went to see him in prison. “I didn’t do it,” the inmate maintained. “And I can’t get a single person to believe me.” When Danny said he believed him, Williams expressed fury over having to start the trial process over again. “If you want my help, you have to help me,” Danny said. “You have to give me something to work with.”

An agonized Williams asked if Danny knew what it was like “to have to your mother sit behind you in court, listening to all this stuff.” Danny said he didn’t, but asked if Williams knew what it was like “to have every cop in this city look at you like you’re a crazy person for trying to help you? And you won’t even help yourself.”

Williams still claimed not to know why an apparent eyewitness identified him as the killer and told Danny, “Maybe you should ask her.” Which, naturally, is just what Danny did by bringing her in so he and Maria (Marisa Ramirez) could question her anew. She still insisted it was Williams she saw on the night of the murder.

Jamie linked the missed-call number to Eddie’s attacker Jake, whom he found had been arrested before on a rape accusation. Jamie then tried to persuade Eddie to report what had happened to her, but she feared others in the precinct would think less of her for not being able to defend herself. “I won’t be thinking that,” Jamie assured her. “A lot of people won’t be thinking that.”

Eddie then detailed the attack and told him the only way to escape had been to lock herself in her bath
room. “I hid like a little girl,” she lamented. “I want to forget about this.” And when Jamie told her about Jake’s earlier arrest, she was enraged Jamie had continued to pursue the matter: “If you bring this up again, I’m going to report you for unauthorized use of a police computer.”

During another hospital visit by Frank, Gallo stated his belief that everyone is entitled to a legal defense … even members of the Mob. “It’s OK to like the money” that comes with it, Gallo added, “but it doesn’t make me one of them.” After Frank asked him to consider what his legacy would be, Gallo finally agreed to talk about the background of the shooting, but only if other law officials weren’t involved.

“I don’t want to get whacked, Frank,” Gallo explained. “I am not leaving this Earth until I dance with my daughter at her wedding.” Frank only could make the promise of “my best efforts to keep you from testifying in a public courtroom.” And that was good enough for Gallo.

Danny and Maria went to the deli near the murder site and found a nearby street light out — something could impact what an eyewitness thought she saw. An employee told them of a drug dealer who frequented the area, and the cops then discovered the dealer had been arrested previously for intent to sell. And his bail had been paid by the apparent eyewitness.

Eddie waited outside Jake’s home that night to “even the score,” but Jamie also showed up and prevented her from taking revenge. He warned that if her desire for “street justice” played out, “It won’t be about what he did, it’ll become about what you did.” And when Eddie tearfully claimed she couldn’t defend herself through normal channels, he insisted, “Yes, you can. You won’t be alone.”

In uniform the next day, Jamie and Eddie walked into a restaurant where Jake was dining with another woman and announced he was under arrest. “You’re a cop?” a startled Jake asked Eddie. “Yeah, and I’m gonna arrest you,” she said, cuffing him roughly — and kneeing him, forcing him to the ground. “And now, I’m gonna add resisting arrest.” Eddie then told Jake’s female companion what he’d done to her and advised, “Consider yourself lucky.”

Back at police headquarters, Frank gave Garrett and Dino (John Ventimiglia) plentiful information to lead to Gallo’s shooter, and also to implicate the mobster Gallo had dismissed as a client. “How, sir, do you know this?” asked Dino. “I’m the police commissioner,” Frank said. “I know everything.”

Supposedly closing the circle, Frank told Garrett he was having the D.A.’s office charge Gallo with hindering prosecution for refusing to cooperate. He even wanted a press conference to make it known publicly, thus secretly protecting Gallo for having informed.

Danny played the drug dealer against the supposed eyewitness, claiming the dealer was writing a statement giving her up. Maria and Danny convinced the eyewitness not to let him get away with it, and to spill what she knew — further encouraging the witness by telling her the dealer said she actually was the killer, out of jealousy over his involvement with the cashier. That was all it took. 

Later, the newly released Williams came to see Danny, telling him he’d thought earlier about taking a proposed deal to confess to the murder “because I didn’t think anyone would believe me.” And he thanked Danny for having done just that.

In their precinct’s locker room at the end of their shift, Eddie thanked Jamie “for convincing me to come forward.” Jamie asked how she was doing, and she said, “OK, I guess. I’m really hungry.” And the partners headed out together to take advantage of an all-you-can eat Rib Night.

After the press conference and arraignment, Frank returned to Gallo’s hospital room with a bottle of liquor and two cups. “I wish you’d told me the press was going to be there,” Gallo mock-whined. “I’d have changed my robe.”

He then asked how he ever could thank Frank, who pulled out a deck of cards. And quoting Shirley MacLaine‘s classic closing line in the movie “The Apartment,” Frank told him, “Shut up and deal.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin