In the first part of our “Drinking with the Stars” with Alan Ritchson at Eva Longoria’s Hollywood restaurant, Beso, Zap2it’s Jethro Nededog and Carina Adly MacKenzie spoke to him about playing “Smallville’s” Aquaman. In Part 2 above, we chatted about his starring role on Spike TV’s “Blue Mountain State.” 
In the comedy that follows an outrageous college football team in their quest for beer, women and a college championship, Ritchson plays Thad Castle – the overzealous team captain.
“The antics I get away with,” Ritchson says of the “BMS” role. “Stuff you can’t get away with in real life.”


And while he plays the part to the hilt, Ritchson says he doesn’t share a lot in common with Thad, but he does get him.
 “He was the people that I grew up around — all the douchebags in school that would pick on people,” says Ritchson, who left his high school in Niceville, Florida after his freshman year to start modeling.
And if you wanted proof at how seriously Ritchson takes his role, you needn’t go much further than a scene in which he pays tribute to BMS’ mascot by eating a goat testicle. He even he got his costar, Darin Brooks (who plays Alex), to partake in “the delicacy.”
“All the crew came running in from doing their jobs from outside, whatever,” he tells us. “Everybody wanted to see this. It was like a packed room. The energy was like exploding.” That’s dedication to a role, no?
The show has welcomed several guest stars to “BMS,” including former NFL players Bill Romanowski and Brian Bosworth, as well as UFC fighter, Chuck Liddell
But, the casting of Charlie Sheen’s ex and “Wild Things” star Denise Richards as the sex-crazed ex-wife of the team’s coach gets Ritchson all starstruck. 
“Our show is fun,” he says. “It’s racy. It definitely has a great audience. Our fans are amazing. But to have someone like Denise Richards? It was kind of a cool moment for us.”
And as for a cool Thad moment we can’t wait to see? It’s in an episode called “Vision Quest” and it’s currently the actor’s favorite episode of “BMS.”
“It’s basically a trip through Thad’s mind on every drug imaginable,” he says. “He’s on a journey trying to decide whether he’s going to go pro or whether he’s going to stay at BMS another year. And along the way, it’s just an insane ride.”
“Blue Mountain State” airs Wednesdays at 11 p.m. ET on Spike TV.”

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