Boardwalk-Empire-Van-Alden-Wife-HBO.jpgThe “Boardwalk Empire” characters are growing increasingly temperamental in Season 3, and Episode 5 sees them thrown into a fair share of considerably uncomfortable moments.

Here were the five most shocking scenes from “You’d Be Surprised” (yeah… we were):

1. Rosetti’s icky sex life
Gyp Rosetti is a loose cannon, so it’s not a revelation that he’s got some aggressive tendencies in the bedroom. But erotic asphyxiation? The opening scene (and its follow-up later on) were a bit cringe-worthy. And alas, Gyp doesn’t end up getting accidentally strangled to death (which would have instantly entered him one of the top spots in a roundup of BE’s craziest deaths).

2. Van Alden’s wife kills for him
Several times tonight, Van Alden’s true identity keeps hinting at exposure. His boss pulls him aside, and the crooked Treasury agent he met at the speakeasy raid is following him. But it’s his wife’s naivete that might ultimately be his undoing. By committing the horrifying murder of Agent Coughlin together, Mr. and Mrs. “Mueller” have entered into a pact to which there is likely no return.

3. Eddie Cantor gets strong armed into “The Naughty Virgin”
A marginal character featured throughout each “Boardwalk” season, Eddie Cantor finds himself in
Nucky’s crosshairs as a means to keep Billie Kent in Atlantic City. There’s no horse-head-in-a-bed moment, but the confrontation with Chalky White and his nervous “private show” reeked of awkwardness and “Godfather”-style obligation enforcement.

4. Blood bath courtesy of Bugsy Siegel
Bugsy Siegel is more reckless and lower on the New York City gangster totem poll than his counterparts, so it’s surprising to see him out of any number of potential assassins as the one to ambush Rosetti and his entourage in Tabor Heights. Still, the paper boy act (conjured up by Luciano and Rothstein, no doubt) is satisfying. Gyp’s wheezing, bloody, naked “caveman” stroll through the crime scene as the only survivor, however, leaves the audience uneasy. 

5. Margaret busts Nucky

Poor Season 3 Margaret. She’s really trying to make a positive impact with her women’s health clinic, but attendance is poor (and the budding affection between her and Dr. Mason is cut short by the introduction of his fiancee). But the biggest blow comes when she discovers Nucky and his mistress Madame Jeunet’s dress shop. Guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks! Margaret points out that his being with a woman like Billie, who isn’t helpless, “isn’t a role you’re comfortable with.” What’s even worse is that Nucky isn’t truly sorry about the discovery of the affair — and he might permanently leave Margaret.

Posted by:Elizabeth Brady