steve buscemi boardwalk empire 320 'Boardwalk Empire' recap: 21Welcome back to Atlantic City! Since you’ve been gone, Jimmy and Angela got married and moved into a giant house by the beach, Nucky and Margaret are co-habitating reasonably well, and the Commodore has commissioned the KKK to make an attack on Chalky White’s establishment, in order to help foster unrest within Nucky’s criminal empire. The attack pushes Nucky into having to appease both sides — because Chalky killed a Klansman as they retreated, so clearly THAT must be avenged — but arresting Chalky, even if it keeps him from getting lynched, is probably not going to help him in the long run.

Jimmy, for his part, is clearly uncomfortable in his position at the Commodore’s right hand. He’s eager to do what he can to please his dad, but he’s no fan of the Klan and their tactics. And it seems that both Jimmy and Nucky are feeling sentimental about their relationship having gone sour. If Season 1 was about wondering if ambition would drive these men apart, Season 2 might about wondering if their emotional connection will allow them to be enemies.

Agent Van Alden decides to take his wife to Atlantic City for their anniversary. While she’s duly horrified by everything AC has to offer, Van Alden does try to show her how he’s cleaning up the town. And when the restaurant they dine at appears to be offering them some hush-hush after-dinner booze, the Mrs. hectors Van Alden into making a bust on the place. The raid gets Mrs. VA’s engine running, though she’d probably be dampened by the fact that Van Alden uses the money seized in the raid towards the Keep Hugely Pregnant Lucy Danziger Quiet and Out of Sight Fund.

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