steve buscemi boardwalk empire 320 'Boardwalk Empire' recap: A Dangerous MaidGood news, everybody! Lucy Danziger is back and still a complete mess of a human being! She’s chafing in captivity at Van Alden’s boarding house, and a visit from a surprisingly sweet Eddie Cantor just underlines it for her: life with Van Alden is no fun. She’s so despondent about her dull life and fat body that she’s contemplating throwing herself down the stairs, until she’s surprised by a surprise delivery of a jazz record from Agent Nelson “Party Animal” Van Alden.

The Commodore continues to implement his plan, meeting with boat captain McCoy about slopping the flow of Nucky’s liquor. And when McCoy proves uncooperative, he calls in his Coast Guard favors to get Nucky’s latest shipment impounded. This squeezing is felt at the ground level by people like the casino owners, who are thinking about getting their liquor elsewhere if Nucky can’t provide. (This at the same time as Capone arrives with news for Nucky that Torrio won’t be buying his liquor either.) Working at one of the casinos is Owen Slater, who’s pretty perceptive about what’s going on, and he convinces Nucky to hire him as muscle, leading to a confrontation with Richard Harrow where Slater successfully keeps the Commodore’s liquor at bay.

Elsewhere, Rothstein brokers a summit between Lansky and Masseria over the murders Jimmy perpetrated last week. The terms are wildly pro-Masseria, driving a bit of a wedge between Rothstein and his young guns.

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