steve buscemi boardwalk empire 320 'Boardwalk Empire' recap: Family LimitationOne of Nucky’s ward bosses gets jacked of his honorarium, as per Mickey Doyle’s plan of a couple episodes ago. The thieves are described super-vaguely as “Italian,” which is enough for Nucky to have Lucky Luciano hauled in for questioning. Luciano has been sticking around town, banging the holy hell out of Gillian with his miraculously hard horse-c*** (her words, not that we don’t get a peek anyway), but his good time is deflated somewhat when Rothstein calls and informs him his bed-mate isn’t Jimmy’s wife, it’s his mom. Nucky and Eli rough him up for the perceived robbery, and a little extra for talking crudely about the territory betwixt Gillian’s legs.

Meanwhile, Nucky now finds himself juggling a scratchy Lucy and content Margaret, whom he’s set up in a swell new flat. At the boutique, Lucy makes Margaret model panties that are barely a whisper, probably to size up the competition. There’s something of a half-naked face-off, where Margaret shows significantly more backbone with Lucy, then promptly quits her job.

In Chicago, Torrio thinks Capone really fucked up the Irish situation, and he asks Jimmy for advice. This leads to a meeting with Sheridan on Irish turf. Torrio plays the part of the conciliatory oldster, but Jimmy and Capone stage a hellacious ambush that pretty much stomps on the neck of the Irish when it comes to control of organized crime in the city. Jimmy also spends time at the Capones’ and takes notice of Al’s deaf son.

Van Alden continues to run his investigation of Nucky Thompson right through the prism of Margaret Schroeder. Even his Fed bosses are like, “Dude, this is getting weird.” But after getting an earful from Margaret’s suddenly bitter neighbor Edith, Van Alden finds out that Margaret’s now living in Nucky-provided quarters. He later ups the freaky ante by producing a photo of a 16-year-old Margaret… and proceeds to (non-euphemistically) flog himself.

Finally, Nucky meets Jersey City mayor Haig, as he’s still trying to get that road appropriation money. Unfortunately, this meeting means he has to blow off Margaret, after promising a night on the town (and Houdini’s brother!). Double unfortunately, her extra time waiting around at home leads Margaret to the revelation that she’s now living with the other concubines of Atlantic City bigwigs. CONCUBINES! Boy, if that isn’t a splash of cold water.

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