steve buscemi boardwalk empire 320 'Boardwalk Empire' recap: HomeOn “Boardwalk Empire”: Jimmy’s leg has been especially bothersome lately, so he heads to the VA, where he’s alienated by the doctors who just want to use him as a statistic in their survey. He also meets a fellow vet named Richard Harrow who’s had the left side of his face blown completely off (he wears a Phantom of the Opera-style mask … sometimes). Jimmy really takes a shine to Richard and brings him by the brothel, even gets him laid. Later, as Capone has tracked down the whereabouts of Liam, the Irish who slashed Pearl, Jimmy talks to him about the war, makes threats, but promises Liam he won’t kill him. But as soon as he’s out of the restaurant, a sniper’s bullet catches Liam right below the eye. Still got it, Richard Harrow!

Nucky’s dad is living an even more pathetic existence than you figured, his giant home dilapidated and overrun with cats. When he takes a bad fall, Nucky and Eli step in — Eli takes him in, and Nucky decides to sell the house to a nebbishy acquaintance. With the house undergoing refurbishing, Nucky brings Margaret by, and he tells her about the abuse his father subjected him to, including scarring his hand with a hot poker. Margaret takes this as opening the door to inquire about his past at all times, but boy, is that a bad idea. They eventually make up, and Nucky even takes her little boy along with him on an errand. Of course, that errand involves Nucky bringing his dad by to see the house one last time… before he douses it with gasoline and sets it ablaze. Burn, traumatic childhood, burn!

Lucky Luciano has imported one of his New York cronies — one Meyer Lansky — and goes to see the D’Alessio brothers (and Mickey), about a partnership to go after Nucky. Earlier, Lansky had approached Chalky (under an alias) about making a side deal for whiskey distribution, cutting Nucky out. Chalky thinks this is Nucky testing his loyalty, so he refuses.

Elsewhere, Margaret is getting along with the other kept women and getting a mixed bag of advice from Annabel; the third man from Jimmy and Capone’s roadside heist gives them both up to Van Alden; Lucy is not handling getting dumped by Nucky all that well; the Commodore’s gastrointestinal system is rebelling against him; and Angela Darmody is having an affair with the photographer’s WIFE!

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