steve buscemi boardwalk empire 320 'Boardwalk Empire' recap: Ourselves AloneNucky and Chalky both begin the episode in jail, but only one of them ends the episode there. Nucky is bailed out pretty quickly, but Chalky stays to get thrown in with the other black prisoners, one of whom is a real hardcase. It looks like Hardcase is going to bait Chalky into a confrontation that won’t end well for Chalky, but it turns out that being the Nucky Thompson of the black community makes you more than a few friends; the kind of friends who can help you beat hardcases senseless and then read you some David Copperfield to help you calm down.

Jimmy travels to New York for a meeting with Arnold Rothstein. He’s looking to expand his business and wants Rothstein as a buyer, but Rothstein seems more interested in examining the schism between Jimmy and Nucky than actually committing to anything. Meanwhile, things are as frosty as ever between Jimmy and Lucky Luciano, but Lucky still invites Jimmy to a meeting with him and Meyer Lansky, who want to get into the heroin business with Jimmy. Later on, Jimmy baits-and-stabs a couple Lower East Side mafia types, which officially makes him more of a New Yorker than I am.

Back in Atlantic City, the Commodore gathers together all of Nucky’s ward bosses — two of whom, Jim Neri and skinny little puissant Patrick Ryan, were the ones who turned evidence against Nucky to the state — and tells them to climb aboard the Commodore express. (The Commodore Express, by the way, has been freshly grease-painted about the hair and mustache, which is just the greatest thing that has ever happened, and is able to lift whole elephant tusks clear over his head.) They’re all prepared to get with the winning team, except for Fleming, who is loyal to Nucky.

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