steve buscemi boardwalk empire 320 'Boardwalk Empire' recap: Paris GreenNucky’s feeling the pressure of the upcoming election, of the demands of his various hangers-on, and of an increasingly dissatisfied Margaret. He’s not even able to properly enjoy the showmanship of the great Hardeen! Margaret walks in on Nucky promising a handout (and maybe more, wink-wink) to Anabelle, which gives her an excuse to unload on Nucky about how he’s been using her. He, in turn, throws her Lysol birth control back in her face, and then moves on to her late husband, leading to the truth about his ugly demise coming out. Margaret may have a hell of a lot of nerve acting surprised by this, but regardless, she smacks Nucky and ends up moving out of his suite.

Nucky takes his concerns to Eli, who is livid that so many of their secrets — secrets that could cost their regime the elections — have gotten out. They have another of their blowup fights, and later on, while he’s bitching out his inner circle of morons, he announces that Eli is out as sheriff and Halloran is in.

Jimmy gets word that his father, our great unknown of the series so far, is dying and Gillian wants Jimmy to go see him. Turns out, Jimmy’s dad is the Commodore! So we fill in a few more blanks: Commodore impregnated Gillian when she was thirteen, and since Nucky was the one who procured her, he’s always felt protective of her and her offspring. Meanwhile, Jimmy quite sensibly can’t stand his father and sees him as a monster. The Commodore does ask Jimmy to hear him out on one point: the wrong man is currently running Atlantic City. Jimmy has another revelation of his own, though this one he only tells his Ma: seems Gillian has been poisoning the Commodore all this time.

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