steve buscemi boardwalk empire 320 'Boardwalk Empire' recap: Peg of OldNew federal prosecutor Esther Randolph arrives in town, and she has no interest in getting up to anything but the business of putting Nucky behind bars. She also has zero use for Nelson Van Alden, who is having his own problems now that he doesn’t have the money to pay off Lucy for her baby-carrying (and doesn’t have a wife to give the baby to anymore anyway). Lucy manages to be the enterprising one as she takes the baby to see Nucky. Well, once a sugar daddy, always a sugar daddy. Nucky in turn summons Van Alden and proposes a deal where VA would report to Nucky on Randolph’s case, while Nucky would provide for the child. Van Alden seems to go for it, though he does later appeal to Randolph with Nucky’s case file in hand.

The new consortium of decision makers — Jimmy, Lansky, Luciano, Capone, Harrow, and Eli — meet to decide on next steps in their burgeoning criminal empire. The consensus is that they don’t have time to wait for Nucky to get sent to prison — now is the time to kill him. Jimmy doesn’t want to, out of some na�ve belief that it wouldn’t have to come to this, but after Gillian whispers in his ear about not looking like a waffler, Jimmy approaches Nucky at Babbette’s during a Jack Dempsey press conference, identifies him, and then walks away as an assassin opens fire on Nucky. He got his hand up in front of the bullet, so it looks like he’ll live, but just barely.

Margaret spends the bulk of the episode in Brooklyn, seeking out her lost family. Things are tense and unpleasant between her and her brother — and we are confirmed that Margaret left for the States because she got pregnant — but there’s a closeness with her three younger sisters. When Margaret brings the youngest a book and mentions that she should come stay with her in Atlantic City sometime, her brother steps in and tells Margaret to leave them alone.

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