steve buscemi boardwalk empire 320 'Boardwalk Empire' recap: The Age of ReasonOwen Sleater continues to flirt shamelessly with Katy, which earns Katy the expected shaming and reprimand from Margaret. And later, when Margaret gets snippy with Sleater, he totally flirts with her, too! Meanwhile, Little Teddy Schroeder is making his First Confession this week, and the stern, disapproving priest tells Margaret that she must set a good example by confessing her own sins. This gives her some moments of inner turmoil. Nucky tells her she’d better not be thinking about confessing anything real, but when she finally gets to the confessional, she does come clean … about lusting after a “bad” man in her employ. And how!

Lucy is now monstrously pregnant and ends up going into labor while Van Alden is busy at the hospital, throwing his religion at anybody who comes to visit a broiled and half-dead Agent Clarkson, who wakes up and says to Nelson, “I see you. I know what you did.” Since this could mean just about anything to Van Alden, he assumes God is fixing to punish him. He calls his wife but can’t bring himself to confess his many sins. And besides, it turns out Clarkson is delirious and the whole “I know what you did” thing was some childhood memory he’s been reliving. Lucky day for Nelson, right? Well, not quite. Lucy ends up delivering the baby herself, and after Van Alden goes out to find a doctor, he returns to find his wife tending to Lucy. She freaks out on her husband and bites his wrist before running away.

If you’ve been keeping a running tally for the most objectionable character this show has ever produced, you’re going to want to include Boy Prosecutor Chip, who smarms his way to a ruling that transfers Nucky’s case to federal court, then spends the rest of the day whoring and asking people if they know who his father is. But there’s a bump in the road when Senator Edge gets back on the scene and strong-arms Attorney General Daugherty to place a more hawkish prosecutor on Nucky’s case. Sucks having enemies, Nuck.

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