bob beckel fox news f bomb Bob Beckel drops major F bomb on FOX News but he's only kind of sorryA pundit can say a lot of things on FOX News, but “You don’t know what the f*** you’re talking about!” is not one of them. “The Five” host Bob Beckel says he didn’t know that he was on the air when he shouted the exclamation at panelist Jennifer Stefano during a heated debate as the show came back from a commercial break during an appearance on Sean Hannity‘s “Hannity.”

What followed was a very confused exchange in which Hannity, shocked, apologized to viewers while Beckel ranted, “I just can’t stand right-wingers running their mouths all the time… I’m not going to apologize. We’re not on the air.”

It took a few moments to even convince Beckel that yes, he was live on the air when he said the F-word, and was still on the air. Apparently, the discussion with Stefano during the commercial was so intense that he missed every possible cue. When he finally figured it out, Beckel just said, “Oh, okay, good. Why didn’t we know we were on the air?”

He then apologized, but we use the word apology loosely, because he didn’t appear to be very sorry at all. “I’m sorry about using that foul word, yes, but the intent about it is still there. The intent is there, but the use of the word, I didn’t realize we were on the air, and you should run your show a little better instead of having me get caught like that.”

“No personal responsibility,” Stefano said. “He’s a liberal.”

Over the remaining minutes of the show, Beckel remained preoccupied by the incident, insisting he’d be fired and suggesting that Hannity let him get “caught” because he’s a liberal.

Adults, ladies and gentlemen.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie