Bobcostas_nfl_240Between his encyclopedic knowledge of absolutely everything and his willingness to whore his recognizable voice out to everything from Cars to Voltron: The Third Dimension, we’ve always liked Bob Costas. Has the uber-announcer worn out his welcome in Los Angeles?

He may have, once word gets out about Costas’ comments at Monday (July 16) morning’s Sunday Night Football panel at the Television Critics Association press tour.

Toward the end of a lengthy discussion of Los Angeles’ criminal lack of an NFL team, Keith Olbermann began to narrate the city’s tragic history of pigskin betrayal.

"Plus you’re setting yourself up again, because there was an NFL team in 1926 that moved out and an AFL team in 1926 that folded," Olbermann began. "There was an AFL team, I think, in 1940, the original American Football League. There were the L.A. Dons, the All-America Conference. That went out of business. The Rams, of course, came here and then, obviously, moved out. The Chargers started here and moved out. The Raiders moved here and moved out. The L.A. Express, we know what happened to them. And the Houston…"

Fearing the oral history would never reach its end, Costas interjected…

"The L.A. market sucks."

Comedy is all about timing and the room cracked up, though NBC sports guru Dick Ebersol still rushed to Costas’ defense, politely reassuring us, "He’s kidding."

That prompted Costas to add, "If any of you bastards quote me out of context…"

Ebersol added, "Bob has all your home numbers."

And Olbermann, partially responsible for the whole kerfuffle, burst in with "I’m not saying anything else after that. You’re on your own now, Bob."

We hope we’ve provided sufficient context for Costas’ comments and just to smooth any rough patches between us, let me add Costas’ quote about Friday Night Lights, a sentiment that we heartily endorse:

"I think it’s one of the best shows on television, and I’m glad NBC stayed with it. I know it was on the bubble, and I think it has a character of its own while still being true to Buzz Bissinger’s book. I think the television show was better than the movie, and the movie was pretty good. The TV show is one of the best things going, and I just hope it finds an audience."

There, Bob. Are we good?

Posted by:Daniel Fienberg