Everyone was buzzing about Bob Hoskins‘ full frontal nude scene at the premiere after-bash for Stephen Frears‘ new film, “Mrs. Henderson Presents.”

But Bob was nowhere to be found. Was he mortified? Was he hiding? Hardly. Right after walking the red carpet with his costar Judi Dench, the beloved British actor had to fly back to London where he’s appearing at the Playhouse Theatre with Kristin Scott Thomas in “As You Desire Me.”

You’ll have to see the film about a historic London nude revue staged throughout WWII to understand what makes Hoskins drop trou. But we were curious if Dench actually got to view her costar in his birthday suit to pull off her classic straight-faced retort, “Why, Mr. Van Damm, you are Jewish.”

Photo: Bob Hoskins and Judi Dench at the L.A. premiere of “Mrs. Henderson Presents.”
(John Shearer / WireImage)

]]>“Why yes, I did. And why ever not, I say?” replied the Dame, accepting congrats at the Four Seasons fete for her hilarious and heart-wrenching portrayal of Mrs. Laura Henderson.

“Everyone else had all those lovely girls to look at and Stephen (Frears) had a permanent smile on his face. So I got my treat too!”

Will Young, a new British pop star who plays the gay singer, Bertie, also had to shed his inhibitions.

“It comes at an interesting point in the film,” says Young of his first nude scene for his first role in his first film. “Up until then it’s all about the girls being nude but when the men take their clothes off there’s a real sea change and everything becomes unified. It was a bonding experience. And it was like playing strip poker at university except I wasn’t drunk and I was getting paid.”

But wouldn’t the real Mrs. Henderson, the irrepressible bohemian owner of the Windmill Theatre, have doffed her duds in unity? Perhaps. But not Dench. “Oh no, not now,” she demurred. “That would have frightened the horses.”

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