bob marley Bob Marley died 30 years ago; we made this alternate Marley playlist just for youThirty years ago on Wednesday (May 11), Bob Marley — one of the best-known musicians in the world — a cultural icon who almost single-handedly put Jamaican music on the map — died from complications related to cancer.

At the just-opened Cannes Film Festival, the day was marked with a screening of “Marley,” a new documentary about the musician from “Last King of Scotland” director Kevin McDonald. The film marks the first time that the Marley family has allowed use of their own private archive of music, photographs and film.

“Part of the idea is trying to look at the influence he’s had all around the world,” said McDonald.

He definitely had an influence here in the U.S. where his greatest hits — songs like “Three Little Birds,” “Buffalo Soldier” and the ubiquitous “Stir it Up” — are still frat house and spring break staples. But since there was way more to Marley than his greatest hits, we’ve compiled a playlist of lesser-known Marley songs to add to your rotation. Enjoy:

1. “Ska Jerk” — because before there was reggae, there was ska:

2. “I’m Still Waiting”:

3. “Keep on Skanking”:

4. “Duppy Conquerer”:

5. “I Know a Place”:

6. “Do It Twice”:

7. “Mr. Brown”:

8. “Soul Rebel”:

9. “And I Love Her” (yep, a cover of the Beatles song):

10. “Sun is Shining”:

Add your favorites…
Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson