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The first half of Bobby Brown‘s interview with Matt Lauer aired on “Today” Wednesday (May 2), wherein Bobby spoke about his tumultuous relationship with ex-wife Whitney Houston, in his first interview since her death.

Brown first reveals how he heard the news of her death, which was through a New Edition bandmate.

“I heard the news, actually, through Ralph Tresvant, he pulled me to the side and pulled me outside and said, ‘You know, I just heard that, uh, that Whitney had just passed.'” says Brown. “I immediately got on the phone and called my daughter … Someone else answered her phone because she couldn’t talk at the time. And told me that Whitney was gone. I was, I just started crying.”

Brown also says there was not a part of him that was always waiting for this type of thing to happen, considering Whitney’s struggles with drugs.

“I didn’t think that way because I know how hard the struggle is to maintain sobriety, but she was doing it. She was doing wonderful. Everything about her was going on the upward,” says Brown. “I didn’t know she was struggling with it still. But at the same time, it’s a hard fight to maintain sobriety that way.”

“Maybe I coulda done something different to ensure that she had a longer life. But you have to want it,” Brown continues. “Some things just happen. God probably just needed her for the choir up in heaven. That’s the biggest voice you have.”

Brown also says he was not the inadvertent cause of her death.

“I didn’t get high before I met Whitney … on narcotics. I smoked weed. I drank beer. But I wasn’t the one who got Whitney on drugs … way before me. I worried aout it when we first got to gether, until I tried it. And when I tried ti, for some reason, I have an addictive personality. but no, I wasn’t eh one that go ther addicted to drugs. I’m not the reason she’s gone,” says Brown.

The second part of the interview airs Thursday, May 3, when Matt Lauer speaks with Brown’s children and fiance.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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