bobs burbers dvd fox 'Bob's Burgers': EP Loren Bouchard explains Tina's sex changeMost cartoons need a little massaging to get just the right look, tone and voice. But in the case of “Bob’s Burgers,” there was one big adjustment that needed to take place before the show was ready to hit the air – a sex change.

In an exclusive first look at extras from the Season 1 DVD, EP Loren Bouchard says that Tina (Dan Mintz) began her life as Daniel, the oldest brother of the Belcher family. Bouchard explains that early tests proved the two brothers, Daniel and Gene (Eugene Mirman), weren’t “popping.” So they decided to make a radical adjustment.

“We had this idea to ask Dan Mintz to play a girl,” Bouchard says. “It was something in his voice that seemed like it was possible – just a hint of a teenage girl hiding inside of a young male…It was pretty much instantly exciting.”

In addition to the entire first season, the DVD features the original demo, a music video parody inspired by the show’s theme, an explanation of Louise and “the burger of the day” as well as outtakes and audio commentary. The DVD is set for an April 17 release. Bring your own fries.

Here’s the video…

Posted by:David Eckstein