bobs burgers season 4 premiere 'Bob's Burgers' Season 4 premiere: 'A River Runs Through Bob' takes the Belchers camping

“Bob’s Burgers” is back for Season 4, and it’s already been renewed for the next one. In the premiere episode, “A River Runs Through Bob,” it’s a Belcher family camping adventure that’s all fun and games (and making fun of Tina) until Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) eats undercooked fish and gets pretty sick.
While trying to run to the bathroom, a bottomless Bob gets swept down the river with a naked Linda (John Roberts), leaving them lost and bare. The kids find their clothes the next morning and set off on a river tubing adventure to find them, also getting lost in the process.
On top of everything they come across crazy survivalist campers with bear mace, who take Bob and Linda hostage. Luckily, the kids save the days with a beehive and they all learn a little something about working together. At least, in terms of injuring the creepy survivalists.
Pretty fun episode that had absolutely nothing to with Bob actually making burgers and a solid way to welcome back fans for a new season. What did you think of “A River Runs Through Bob”?
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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