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While it seems as if Dana Delany took a risk leaving “Desperate Housewives” for the greener pastures of starring in her own pilot, her former bosses from Wisteria have always assured her that she would be welcomed back if the series didn’t work.
It seemed the risk really falls to the series’ creators and ABC, who had to defend the show at ABC’s TCA Press Tour against attacks that “Body of Proof” is just another procedural. Worse yet, that they were just like another procedural from the early-80s, ‘Quincy M.E.’
“This is not your father’s ‘Quincy,'” says executive producer Matthew Gross. “This is, I would say, a new take on the medical examiner, but it always started out with the character first. We set out to do a character-driven procedural, which is what I think separates it from all the other procedurals out there on the air.”
“Body of Proof” follows the messed-up life of Delany’s character, Megan Hunt. A workaholic, who has lost her husband and daughter to her career. Then she lost her career after a car accident impaired her ability to operate. Delany says of all the roles she has played, this one reminds her of one of her more popular ones.
“I’d say Megan Hunt is going back to my ‘China Beach’ days,” says Delany. “I think there’s a similarity there. This character feels very close to me.”
Delany seems to feel as if she was destined to play this character. “I’ve always been more drawn to doctors than lawyers in terms of my acting, and I think in another life I was a doctor,” she says. “My grandfather was a doctor.  I do love the medical stuff, and as all these guys have here, I went and saw an autopsy. I encourage everyone to see an autopsy.  It’s fantastic.”
The premiere is definitely solid (and one of our favorites for the fall), but there are some aspects that gave us red flags and, of course, the media asked about them. For example, Megan is always right and that can get annoying. Delany actually agrees.
“Yes, she will be wrong,” she says. “I’ve certainly asked for her to be wrong, and I agree it can be annoying when somebody’s always right and not that interesting ultimately.”
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