body of proof season 3 dana delany mark valley abc 'Body of Proof' preview: What's new in Season 3?

ABC’s crime drama, “Body of Proof,” is ready to return for Season 3 after an extended hiatus. During that time, however, several changes were made to the show. What has changed in the season premiere? What remains the same? Find out here.

The first episode back on the air is a two-parter called “Abducted.” In the first part, airing on Tuesday, Feb. 19, Dr. Megan Hunt (Dana Delany) returns from forced leave to track down a serial killer who seems to be targeting veterans

The more things change…

  • Ethan (Geoffrey Arend) has a haircut.
  • There’s a new medical-legal investigator, Charlotte (Erin Cahil). Megan doesn’t have much use for her after the death of Peter last season. Especially when she talks a lot.
  • The old cops left to join the FBI and to take care of a baby. Don’t expect to see them at all.
  • The new cops are Adam Lucas (Elyes Gabel) and Tommy Sullivan (Mark Valley). Adam gets off on the wrong foot with Megan while Tommy and Megan have a past.
  • “I didn’t think anything was going to happen between us… Today.” — Tommy to Megan
  • Tommy is about as fond of the rules as Megan is.
  • The cops get a bigger role this season. Considering the past relationship between Tommy and Megan, this makes sense.
  • Kate (Jeri Ryan) has aspirations outside of the medical examiner’s office.

The more they remain the same…

  • Megan Hunt remains much more comfortable digging her hands into corpses than talking to her daughter.
  • Megan and Lacey (Mary Mouser) continue to bicker as one would expect from slightly prickly mother and teenage daughter.
  • Kate and Megan still have a tense but barely cordial relationship.
  • As long as she stays brilliant and avoids open conflict, Megan continues to get away with (investigating) murder.
  • Ethan and Curtis (Windell D. Middlebrooks) are subservient and goofy.

Does the new “Body of Proof” seem like a show you would watch? Is the addition of Mark Valley an improvement?

Posted by:Laurel Brown