dana delany body of proof s3 'Body of Proof' Season 3: Dana Delany welcomes 'a little more rest'Dana Delany doesn’t mind “Body of Proof” proving itself again a bit later.

The “China Beach” Emmy winner’s medical-mystery series begins its third season Tuesday, Feb. 19, on ABC … two weeks later than initially planned. Had it stuck with Feb. 5, it would have been pre-empted the next week for coverage of President Barack Obama‘s State of the Union Address, so Delany is quite content not to have her latest run interrupted just one week in.

“I get to have a little more rest before I go out on the p.r. trail,” the grateful, typically good-humored actress tells Zap2it. Several of her original “Body of Proof” co-stars were let go — Nicholas Bishop, Sonja Sohn and John Carroll Lynch — and Mark Valley, who co-starred with Delany earlier on FOX’s short-lived “Pasadena,” is joining the show as a police detective who has a past with her Dr. Megan Hunt.

“We didn’t really know, when we started filming last summer, what the difference was going to be,” Delany admits. “Then as the scripts roll in and things happen, you go, ‘Oh! I see. That’s what the show is now.’ It’s just much more of a driven through-line,'” which equates to medical assessment meeting official police probe.

And Delany couldn’t be more pleased that it’s Valley, also a veteran of “Boston Legal” and “Human Target,” who now represents the professional sleuthing. “I just knew that he has a really strong work ethic, so I was really happy about that.

“In the long run, I think this is probably for the best,” adds “Desperate Housewives” alum Delany of the “Body of Proof” retooling. “It had nothing to do with the other actors; the writers had boxed themselves into a corner. Megan was so all-knowing and powerful, there was nobody who was standing up to her, and you need that conflict for the drama.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin