dana delany july 2012 gi 'Body of Proof's' Dana Delany suspects Mark Valley 'ruined my naked yoga'Dana Delany thinks she soon might get to the bottom of “one of the all-time-best practical jokes” ever played on her.

When the “China Beach” Emmy winner’s ABC medical-mystery series “Body of Proof” begins its third round at midseason, she’ll be reunited with Mark Valley, previously her co-star on FOX’s short-lived “Pasadena.” He’s resurfacing as a police-detective ex-flame of Dr. Megan Hunt (Delany), and the actress maintains that as straight-arrow as many of his characters are, Valley is a world-class prankster.

“I was so happy to see him,” Delany tells Zap2it. “We did a little screen test together, and he’s a great guy. I feel there’s a side of Mark that people need to see. We saw some of it in ‘Pasadena,’ but not a lot of people saw that show. He’s usually cast as the handsome a**hole, and there’s more to Mark than that.

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“He’s really funny, and there’s also a depth and a sadness to him that I would love to see come out. I wanted somebody I could play against. Megan is a formidable character, and I know for sure that Mark Valley is not afraid of me. In fact, he enjoys screwing with me.”

mark valley aug 2011 gi 'Body of Proof's' Dana Delany suspects Mark Valley 'ruined my naked yoga'Indeed, there’s the matter of that practical joke, though Delany notes that Valley “has yet to admit” being the perpetrator. “I have a habit of doing naked yoga in the morning before I go to work, and when I was living in Vancouver, it was a big, tall, glass building. And one day, I got this note under my hotel-room door saying, ‘I’ve been watching you. I’m happily married, but I’d like to meet you.’

“And there was a phone number on it,” Delany adds. “I was in shock, freaked out that they had actually figured out what room I was in. I showed it to Mark, and I said, ‘Call the number! Call the number!’ And then I thought, ‘Wait a minute. Why did I ask him to call? He probably wrote the thing to begin with!’ “

And possibly the worst result? “It ruined my naked yoga,” Delany laments. “I had to close the curtains from then on.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin