bon iver heavenly father wish i was here Bon Iver's new song from 'Wish I Was Here' will take your breath away: ListenThe music from Zach Braff’s first film, “Garden State,” is such a gift and there was never any doubt that the music from his latest flick, the Kickstarter-funded  “Wish I Was Here,” would be anything less than pure magic.

Braff reportedly reached out to Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon to write something specific for his emotional upcoming film. When Braff’s music supervisor, Mary Ramos, flew to Wisconsin to screen a rough cut of “Wish I Was Here” for Vernon and his brother, they were instantly inspired.

“They were enjoying it and laughing, but at a certain point, they just got quiet. When it was over, Justin started humming,” Ramos tells NPR. That humming became the absolutely gorgeous “Heavenly Father.” NPR has the beautiful track available. Just don’t be surprised if it brings a tear or 10 to your eyes.

“Wish I Was Here,” directed by Zach Braff and co-written with his brother, Adam, hits theaters July 18. The full soundtrack will be available via Columbia Records July 15.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins