america-ferrera-ugly-betty-320.jpgCan it really be?

“Ugly Betty”, the breakout hit of the ’06 fall season is already taking a bow?

Actually, it can be and it’s not a big surprise given the rocky road the series has taken in the last couple years.

Creatively, the show peaked in its stellar second season when it was doing cutting edge comedy with Wilhelmina Slater (Vanessa Williams) slamming the beloved Betty White‘s finger in a cab door and spouting some of the most offensive — yet so funny — off color remarks ever heard on network TV. 

That was also the year of “Odor In The Court” during which Betty (America Ferrera) fell victim to a poisoned perfume and sped around Mode in some sort of Ecstasy-like high, smelling people’s clothes and doing all sorts of weird stuff. Ferrera delivered a comedic performance which screamed “Emmy,” an award she’d picked up just a few months prior.

When season three hit, however, the show took a nasty tumble, with story lines that were hard to care about and a lack of that comedy “Betty” had been built on.

Though there were certainly a few stand out episodes in year three which reminded fans of why we loved “Betty,” the drama never fully regained its groove.

Getting dumped in a Friday night death slot for its fourth season did not help the situation and, though the show was recently given a shot in ABC’s now-hot Wednesday night line up, it was too late to recover.

And so, Betty Suarez’s story will end this spring.

ABC has been kind enough to give the creatives behind the show enough time to write a satisfying conclusion to the saga, which is cool. But we can’t help wonder, exactly where, how and why this all went so wrong? “Ugly Betty” was once such a vibrant little gem and just three and a half years in, it’s being put out to pasture?

How do you feel about this?

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh