David-Boreanaz-Emily-Deschanel-Bones-100th-320.jpgIn roughly 74 hours, “Bones”‘ 100th episode will air on the east coast.

Kids, you’re almost there.

But this promo is such a tease. We know you’re dying.

So Korbi TV has decided to ease your pain during these last few torturous days.

You’ll find a clip or three from the milestone episode below, plus a little extra scoop.
Please enjoy…  

“Bones” creator Hart Hanson did promise earlier this year that we’ll see Booth and Brennan deal with Sweets’ assertion that they’re in love. So, yeah, this might not be the only time it’s brought up in the hour.

See the look on Booth’s face when he first sees Brennan? That could possibly be an important thing to note.

Oh, Booth. Underestimating what Brennan can do? You really should’ve noted how helpful she can be. Could’ve saved you some serious trouble later… 

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Posted by:Marisa Roffman