David-Boreanaz-Emily-Deschanel-Bones-100th-320.jpgIn just seven short days, “Bones” returns from its eight-week hiatus.

It’s about freaking time, right?

And yeah, the next episode — number 99 — is good. But from what we’ve been hearing, it’s the 100th hour you’re really waiting for.

We teased a little of what’s to come already. Now, however, a closer look at the flashback ep…

Emily-Deschanel-David-Boreanaz-100th.jpgCheck out what Booth was wearing way back when…

Booth-Angela-Caroline-100th-320.jpgYes, this is one of the continuity issues we had with the episode. Good to see Caroline (pictured above), but didn’t we meet her later in the series?  

Zack-Brennan-Hodgins-Angela-100th.jpgAww, it’s like Season 1 all over again. Hmm, wonder why Brennan was rockin’ sunglasses indoors?

Bones-Booth-Brennan-episode-100.jpg…Yeah, we’re going to keep our mouth shut re: these last two pics.

Anything here have you particularly excited?

Posted by:Marisa Roffman