bones sweets sparling danielle panabaker 'Bones': Are Sweets and Daisy on the rocks thanks to Olivia Sparling?With Bones and Booth working on their relationship throughout the first two episodes of “Bones” Season 8, “The Gunk in the Garage” left plenty of time to focus on the love life of another member of the motley Jeffersonian crew: Sweets. The young profiler finally got some time out in the field alongside new FBI agent Olivia Sparling (Danielle Panabaker). Egos clashed, but sparks flew. Is there trouble in paradise for Sweets and Daisy?

It certainly seems that way, especially considering what EP Stephen Nathan told Zap2it recently, so it was especially interesting to watch Sweets and Sparling bond. Sparling had a chip on her shoulder at first, but she stopped being unnecessarily mean once she realized that Sweets was good at his job.

The pair eventually started flirting — which the eagle-eyed Angela noticed — and sealed their attraction with a kiss once SWEETS GOT SHOT.

Oh, wait, the case happened too, which led to the shooting. Should we go back to that?

So, the case revolved around a body that exploded in a hotel parking garage.
In true “Bones” fashion, it turns out the guy was murdered by a hit man, but the hit man actually killed the wrong guy, since the guy was an identical twin (who didn’t know, since he was adopted) and happened to be in the same hotel as his brother at the same time.

Sweets found the wrong victim at first (the twin who was supposed to be killed), but eventually impressed his new partner when he found out who was actually killed. (That was kind of complicated, huh?)

He got shot quite heroically when the gang managed to stop the hit man from killing the living twin. While on the gurney, he deliriously kissed his new partner, relationship with Daisy be damned. Let’s be honest — as much as we love her, Daisy’s a pain in the butt, so it’ll be interesting to see Sweets with someone else.

What did you think of “The Gunk in the Garage”? Was the body find as gross as Nathan promised us? Are you shocked at Sweets’ behavior?

Posted by:Jean Bentley