david boreanaz bones comic con 2012 'Bones' at Comic Con 2012: David Boreanaz zings 'The Vampire Diaries' and moreOnly the vaguest of spoilers were revealed at the “Bones” Comic-Con panel on Friday afternoon, but that’s OK — star David Boreanaz was in top form. Armed with a bunch of zingers, the actor took aim at everything from his old home on The WB, The CW’s hit “The Vampire Diaries,” and even co-star Emily Deschanel (in a fun way).

The panel started off with a bang — metaphorically — as Deschanel and Boreanaz discussed the possibility of maybe seeing Brennan and Booth between the sheets. “We may see a bit of that this season,” Boreanaz teased.

“There might be some flash forwards — there are more ‘Bones’ babies to be made,” added Deschanel.

But then Boreanaz shared his gripe with the actual union not taking place on camera: “I wanted to just put you up on the washing machine and go at it. I had change for a dollar. The quarters were stacked so high — 20 on the left, 24 on the right.”

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Later, Boreanaz turned his sights toward The WB, joking about “Angel’s” former home, “I don’t think you can call it a network if it was on The WB.”

Current WB iteration The CW also took a hit, with Boreanaz teasingly going off on “The Vampire Diaries”: “Everyone carries around a diary? I’m confused. ‘Oh, I made love to a vampire last night. … Let me say some poetry to you, you dark evil man in the tunnel.'”

In all seriousness, though, we did learn some new things about “Bones” Season 8. In non-Booth/Brennan news, Cam (Tamara Taylor) is totally getting a boyfriend. “Cam will have a new love interest this year — somebody we know,” spills executive producer Stephen Nathan. “[Someone] it will be very surprising to see her with.”

Pelant (Andrew Leeds) will be an integral figure all throughout Season 8. The serial killer will be present in the first episode back, then “he’ll come back in ways you don’t expect,” Nathan says.

The season will start off with Brennan still on the lam three months later, but she’ll reunite with Booth on the sooner side of things. Booth will be understandably upset, and the season will focus on the Jeffersonian family (and the Booth-Brennan family) being torn apart and coming back together.

If you can’t wait until “Bones” returns on Sept. 17, the Comic-Con panel also offered the first glimpse at the mysterious bonus episodes that FOX ordered in addition to the shortened Season 7. Nathan says they’ll be peppered throughout the season, and one will be told from the point of view of a skull.

Check out the sneak peek below:

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