bones proposal comic con 'Bones' at Comic Con 2013: David Boreanaz proposes to Emily Deschanel

Big news, “Bones” fans: Bones and Booth will finally tie the knot in Season 9. To make the announcement extra exciting, David Boreanaz did the proposal the right way during the “Bones” San Diego Comic-Con panel, which meant getting down on one knee in front of Emily Deschanel in-character and popping the question.

“I’m getting married to David Boreanaz!” Deschanel yells in response, confirming the news.

“I think it will be better scripted,” showrunner Hart Hanson jokes of how the actual scene will play out.

The panel opened with a sizzle reel (which you can see below) that showcased the series’ comedic elements, and that’s what the actual panel showed as well. Following the wedding news, Boreanaz and Deschanel did a script read of the Season 8 finale. The readthrough was extra hilarious because Deschanel and Boreanaz switched roles, meaning fans got to see some pretty dramatic versions of Booth and Bones. But it’s the actual wedding that was the talk of the panel.

“Everybody’s mad at Booth for reneging on the engagement,” Hanson says of Season 9. “We’re not fooling you, they are going to get married this season.”

Don’t expect this ceremony to be low key. All of Booth and Bones’ family members will be at the wedding. In the premiere, titled “The Secret in the Proposal,” Booth and Bones’ relationship will be “pushed to a different place,” says director Ian Toynton. It picks up three months after the Season 8 finale, where Bones and Booth are in a “serious” place. Shooting on Season 9 starts on July 22. Meanwhile, episode 2 is going to be an undercover episode where Bones and Booth go to a couples retreat.

“I think that there’s definitely some closure there. You feel as though the character will go on and deal with some issues he was personally dealing with,” Boreanaz says, adding that it will help with Booth’s relationship with Bones.

Talk eventually turned to the character Christopher Pelant. It seems as though everyone involved on the show is sick of having him stick around, and Hanson even confirmed that Pelant would die by being choked to death.

“I think he needs to go fast,” Boreanaz says of serial killer. “I really think that Booth should take him out in a really strong manner, don’t you think?”

A better idea? Boreanaz jokes, “Why don’t we just shoot him out to space like Moonraker?”

Just don’t expect to see him die by being poisoned in a tanning bed like Boreanaz suggests, because a tanning bed death was already filmed on “Bones.” As Deschanel notes, “We’ve done every death there is. We’ve done them all.”

Maybe Bones and Booth’s wedding won’t be the only one in Season 9. When a fan asked if Sweets and Daisy will get back together, Hanson says he can picture their wedding “very, very clearly.”

Plenty of fans asked Boreanaz to compare Booth with Angel, but the best one came when someone asked what Deschanel would have her “Angel” character be. “I’d be immortal, let’s start with that,” she says. Boreanaz says he’d like to be a “spiritual soultaker.”

Hanson dreams of doing a flashback episode where a bunch of younger actors play the cast during their days working at the Jeffersonian Institute. “I think it will be really fun to have kids playing them. We don’t know how to do it yet,” he says.

Will there ever be a “Bones” movie? “For us to do a ‘Bones’ movie, the TV show would have to stop. When the TV show stops, we will talk about doing a ‘Bones’ movie,” Hanson says.

Here’s the aforementioned preview reel:

Posted by:Terri Schwartz