bones kathy reichs bones party 320 'Bones': Author Kathy Reichs on the Booth Brennan dynamic, writing her first episodeAfter five seasons and more than 100 episodes of “Bones,” the original creator of Temperance Brennan is taking on the character’s television namesake.

Kathy Reichs — the author of the Temperance Brennan novels and the real-life forensic anthropologist whom the television Brennan is loosely based on — penned her first small screen script for this week’s very special episode “The Witch in the Wardrobe.”

Korbi TV caught up with Reichs to find out how she felt about the experience.

“Well, it’s really different from writing a novel,” Reichs says. “When I write a novel, I do it alone. I give my idea to my editors and they say that’s splendid, and then I write the book and I send it to them. That’s not how writing a TV episode works.”
“First you have to have your idea approved by the executive producers, your network, the studio, etc.,” Reichs says. “Then you write a very lengthy outline, which I don’t usually do for my novels. When that’s approved up all the hierarchical levels, you go and break the story and it’s a collective experience. You do it with the other writers [on the show], which is very different for me. Breaking a story, I’m told, can take from one to three weeks, and yes, we finished [this script] in about two-and-a-half days.”

Sounds a bit annoying, no? All those hoops to jump through?
But Reichs was actually into it. 
“I loved working in the writers’ room,” she continues. “To me, to have this brain trust, and we’re all bouncing all these ideas off of each other and building on ideas, that was just really a lot of fun for me. Then you pitch it to [‘Bones’ creator] Hart [Hanson], and he liked it and made a few suggestions and notes.  And then I got sent back and wrote it, and then they change a lot of it, which is also a shock to me. So, it was a very positive experience but a very different experience from writing a novel.”
Apparently the experience was enjoyable enough that Reichs is open to writing another episode of the series.  
And while the television Brennan is based more off the life of Reichs than her popular book character, Reichs says she still considers the two to be essentially the same person.

“I think of television Tempe as [just being at] an earlier point in book Tempe’s life,” Reichs says. “She’s 30-something rather than 40-something.  She’s unmarried…I think of television Tempe as a prequel [to the book series].”

Um, seeing as book Tempe is a recovering alcoholic with an ex-husband, a kid and a dysfunctional relationship with someone in law enforcement not named Booth, should we assume that in Reichs’ head, the television version of Booth and Brennan don’t end up together?

“No, not necessarily,” she clarifies. “My books are taking place like ten or more years later and somewhere in between, [Brennan]’s gotten married and gotten unmarried to this guy Pete from Chicago. So, who knows what would’ve happened between [Booth and Brennan]. She could either end up with Booth [in the end of the television show] and then separate [from him] or not end up with Booth, but my books pick up when Tempe is already well into her 40s. So, it gives a lot of freedom for what’s going to happen with the characters on the show.”

Reichs does, however, feel strongly about the fact that whatever path B and B take on the television series, they should take their time getting there.

“I just think once you [get them together] — once you do the deed — you’re done,” she says. “If we look at other shows like ‘X-Files’ or ‘Moonlighting,’ to me that speaks the beginning of the end. So, I think it’s much better [to wait] and they play so well at the chemistry.”

You agree with her, “Bones” fans?

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