stuck to the formula that keeps me addicted, with a quirky mystery (presence of college mascot = quirky), plenty of quippage, and just the right amount of deeper personal material to keep it from feeling like junk food TV. Plus, of course, a priceless Booth/Brennan scene at the end.

The case: We begin with the least safe college pep rally ever, with actual flaming arrows and a cannon full of shrapnel being shot at a rival high school's mascot hanging over a bonfire. (Seriously, does this just seem crazy to me because my school was Division III? It IS crazy, right?) And yeah, there's a dead body in the mascot costume.

"Beaver," a frat member, is full of nails, keys, ball bearings, and a commemorative Olympics pin. And a bullet that didn't kill him. Though I'm disappointed that Hodgins didn't get to try a new experiment this week (Cam, you and your "math" are bumming me out), the mere reference to the bouncing frozen turkey made me laugh out loud. That one was classic. Once the lab rats are tapped out, we move on to the close-up, vaguely soft-porn-esque shots of Brennan examining the skeleton. …Hot?  Cause of death, it turns out, was a nail gun to the chest.

The team learns that Beaver was hitting a Cougar. You know, before winding up in an otter. (This discovery owes its existence to an entire fraternity eagerly dropping toga so the hot lady scientist could test their sheets for DNA. Heh.) And, Beaver had photos of himself and the dean's wife's…beaver. (Sorry, had to.) He was blackmailing the dean into not expelling him for low grades.

Turns out, though, that the girl he was claiming to bang killed him semi-accidentally after he hit on her a lot too aggressively. Or rather, he killed himself by pulling the nail out, because he was clearly too busy partying to watch any episode ever of ER or Grey's Anatomy. Never pull the nail out!

Booth and Brennan: Booth shares his philosophy that you have to be bad to be good. Apparently, everyone starts out with a raisin-sized frontal lobe, and develops it by doing the wrong thing (and presumably learning from it). Brennan, however, realizes that she's never done anything bad on purpose. She is beyond adorable when Booth suggests that they dine and dash at the bar. ("But…that's stealing! Are you serious? Wait, really? I can't! Oh my god! Aaaah!!!") And I guess my frontal lobe is still raisin-sized, because I was totally relieved when Booth secretly left money (stealing is baaad!).

"It's personal": Baby Booth got dishonorably discharged for the Gravedigger rescue incident, so he's bought himself a motorbike and is taking it to India. Sweets calls Booth out on being jealous of Jared's freedom rather than angry at his irresponsibility, and Booth is actually tempted to join Jared after he's invited. Kind of a new take on the Brennan/Sully situation, eh? But Brennan, in her awesome way, convinces Booth that Jared needs to be alone so that his frontal lobe won't be the size of a raisin. ("Though that makes no scientific sense.") Booth tells Jared that he's ready to stand alone. Aww, funny how getting your life saved by someone can change your tune.

Favorite quotes:

"Would this by any chance be a fraternity of sociopaths?" -Bones to Booth, upon hearing that his fraternity stole a cadaver

"What? I'm a wisecracking pathologist with a dark sense of humor." -Cam, after making a Horatio Caine-style morbid quip

So, do you have to be bad to be good? Something tells me the idea of a "bad" Brennan would appeal to a lot of fellas…

Posted by:Liz Pardue