bones hannah season six promo 'Bones'' bisous and bangs: Zap2it readers react

After bracing ourselves for the better part of the summer, we finally see Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) plant a big one on his new love interest (Katheryn Winnick) in the first “Bones” promo for Season 6. Way to rip the band-aid…

But is this increased romantic tension for the greater good or an unwelcome detour from what everyone really wants to see? And what about Emily Deschanel‘s hair?

Zap2it commenters, ever the fervent “Bones” fans, have chosen their sides.

Kat: This is going to be awesome. I can’t wait. Not to happy with the Winnick character, but… it’ll be good for the B&B relationship. Spice things up a little. Hurry up Sept 23rd.

McKaylaBug: Trying to remain positive about the whole Booth-fell-in-love-in-Afghanistan-with-some-blond-chick thing because, I mean, really? We know he is not going to end up with her. We know who he is going to end up with. It will all be okay in the end ­čÖé

Alicia: Who goes to Afghanistan and falls in love? Really? That is just crazy. Hello war zone….

skylark66: Have to say, both Booth and Brennan are looking hot.

Nellie: Of course I strongly dislike the whole Hannah storyline – but look at Brennan’s reaction, she still denies that she loves him. Maybe Hannah is the key for her to finally admit it. I love Emily’s hair, I love Cam’s comment, I love their hug. I just hope that the promo doesn’t already show all the great scene from the ep.

Kathy: Feeling a bit queasy. Don’t like the super cold direction Bones is taking again, like in season one. Hoped, like Cam, that she would have grown and woken up. Boo new girl.

Shay: OMG i just watched that video like 50 times right now!!!!

Jay: Brennen should be given her own love interest and move on. The cat and mouse is old and would not be shocked if this was the last season. Only so many ways you can keep dancing around.

OK: Doesn’t reveal much. Mostly teases but I guess that’s the point with a promo. I’m sure there’s a lot more going on story-wise, more serious and thoughtful, so I really want to see the entire episode. All in all, nice to see David, Emily, Tamara back again (and even a glimpse of newcomer Winnick).

What side did you take — pleased with the romantic tension or bummed to see Booth with another gal?

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Posted by:Mikey O'Connell