david boreanaz emily deschanel bones 320 'Bones': Booth and Brennan are 'Hot Blooded'I had a lot of fun watching this episode of “Bones,” despite the somewhat pedestrian case of the week. I’m not going to lie: The “Hungry Hungry Hippos” reference bought them at least ten bonus points. That game is more fun than it has any right to be.

Case of the Week: We’ll get this out of the way quickly, since I’m guessing it’s not exactly at the top of your discussion priority list right now. A daredevil missing a testicle is found in a hotel’s washing machine. Cam: “So the guy with one gonad actually had balls.” Ha! Cole was beaten to death with his own quarter-million dollar guitar at Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp, which gives Booth an excellent opportunity to act out his rock star dreams. Unfortunately, I’m not sure the “tie as a headband” look suits him (no pun intended).

The list of suspects includes the camp owner, in a business dispute with Cole; a rock star teaching at the camp, resentful over being forced to play with Cole; a fellow camper who ruined his marriage thanks to a prank Cole played on him; and another camper who slept with Cole and later stole his guitar, the murder weapon. At the end of the day, though, the killer didn’t have a tangible motive — he was just furious that a rich poseur had such a great guitar, and private lessons with a rock star. Um, I guess I’m glad he thought it was worth it?

Booth and Brennan: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I got the sense from the dozens upon dozens of furious comments about the last episode that you guys aren’t psyched about the Booth/CatFish situation. (Props, incidentally, to whichever commenter first came up with that nickname. It’s got a lovely ring to it.) While I’d obviously like Booth to end up with Brennan, I do think that their dating other people will ultimately only bring them closer together. And given what we know about the characters, it makes sense that this is a slow process. Hang in there, guys, and continue reading to see me stretch my optimism practically to the breaking point… 

Brennan finds it interesting that CatFish got Booth a tie with “frolicking cetaceans” on it, since it indicates a “social contract.” (My inner optimist’s take on this scene: “How sweet! Brennan noticed Booth’s new tie.”) When Booth asks if Hacker got Brennan anything, he’s unimpressed by the sexiness of a subscription to “Lapham’s Quarterly.” Agreed, but dude, it’s not like CatFish gave you a bottle of massage oil or some edible body paint. It’s a tie! With whales on it! Unless you’re using it to tie each other to the bedposts, color me unimpressed.  

Brennan tries to segue from a discussion on injured testicles to one on CatFish, and Booth notices the suspicious transition. Brennan insists she’s merely intrigued by his developing relationship with an intelligent, attractive woman. Uh-huh. Booth and Sweets are pretty sure she’s being nice, and Sweets is impressed at how well the two of them are handling dating. What an awkward thing to say! Brennan: “Well, you’ve known me for two years, Sweets. You should expect to be impressed by me.” (Inner optimist: “Brennan’s totally overcompensating by being extra nice about CatFish.”)

“Hot Blooded” starts up while Booth and Brennan are crashing a band camp jam session, and Brennan can’t say no when Booth says it’s their song, even though she points out he was almost killed the last time they sang it. When he jumps up on stage and starts to sing, she picks up a guitar! Booth: “You play the guitar?!” Brennan: “Well, I play the akonting, the folk lute of the Jola tribe, but the guitar is not dissimilar.” Apparently not!

And so they rock out to “Hot Blooded” with the camp band backing them, jumping up and down and having a total blast, even finding out about new evidence during the song and choosing to rock another verse anyway. It’s great. This scene embodies almost everything I love about this show. (Inner optimist: “They can still let loose and have fun around each other, more so than they can with anyone else.”)

Brennan points out to Cam that Booth seems to like CatFish, noting that while she herself prefers to be alone, it’s important for Booth to share his life. Cam mentions Hacker, whom Brennan says she likes, but not like Booth- “I mean … not like Booth wants to like someone.” Riiiight. Cam promises that Brennan isn’t outside the laws of nature, and I love Brennan’s uniquely cynical and hopeful response: “Then, in ignorance I await my own surprise. Although the odds of it involving a commitment to another person are remote.” (Inner optimist: “Brennan admitted she likes Booth more than she likes Hacker — Freudian slips count!”)

Booth corrects Brennan after she calls groupies “groupers,” but she points out that male groupers have harems with multiple females, which is the sort of thing Booth should know if he’s “entering into a social contract” with a marine biologist. Booth is starting to appear irritated that Brennan keeps bringing up CatFish, which she does again, pointedly asking if Catherine plays guitar. He reminds Brennan that they’ve only been out twice. (Inner optimist: “Brennan wouldn’t be pointing out the areas in which she’s superior to Catherine if she weren’t jealous. And if Booth were really into CatFish, he wouldn’t mind Brennan bringing her up all the time.”)

Brennan concedes when Booth points out that Hacker’s giving her a mix CD is also a social contract, but she earnestly reassures Booth that their partnership is still important to her. He knows: “You’d die for your partner. That’s the way I look at it.” They share a long look, a little sad, and Brennan moves on to discuss her distaste for Led Zeppelin. And seriously, turning down Zeppelin tickets because she thought it was an air show = classic Brennan. (Inner optimist: I hope you don’t need an optimist to tell you why that scene was a definite good thing.)

Cam’s unconventional meet-cute: Cam interviews a potential gynecologist for Michelle, but when Cam asks about his sensitivity toward virgins, he assumes she’s talking about herself. Cheap laugh, perhaps, but a laugh nonetheless. Once all the misunderstandings are cleared up and Michelle has her first appointment, the doctor asks Cam out. They’re agreed that it would be weird, but they go ahead and make it happen anyway. For the record: It IS weird. But it’s also pretty adorable, especially when they bond over their mutually socially awkward jobs.

Michelle, though, isn’t psyched to find out her mom’s dating her gyno. God, even that sentence makes me shudder a little. She gets hilariously parental, scolding Cam but also insisting she get a life, this time without sneaking around behind her back. She also wants a new doctor. Yeah, good call on that.

Odds and Ends:

  • Arastoo is our NotZack of the week, and he’s progressing nicely when it comes to character depth. For instance, he’s really into baseball, both as a player and as a fan. I’m definitely liking him much more this season.
  • Really? A woolly mammoth guitar pick? WHY, people? I totally thought they made that up!
  • When Brennan shoots Booth down for participating in “dilettante camp,” he asks who she’d want to meet at anthropology fantasy camp. Her answer? “Me.” Man, she’s so matter-of-fact about what an intellectual rock star she is that you really can’t fault her for it. Especially since it’s true.
  • Okay, just for the record: If you call your wife and ask to take a break as soon as you find out you might be in a magazine and have a couple groupies, you asked for whatever’s coming to you.
  • I love that Angela has superhuman guitar-identifying skills thanks to her dad.



  • Cam: “I’m always touching a dead body, Seeley. If I let that be a barrier to conversation, I would never-” [interrupted by a decomposing testicle falling on her head]
  • Bones: “I was a very big fan of Toad the Wet Sprocket.” Booth: “You might want to keep that to yourself, okay?”
  • [After the rock star flirts with Brennan] Booth: “Excuse me, I really like your music, doesn’t mean I’m not gonna clock you, alright?” He’s less interested after he finds out she likes Toad the Wet Sprocket, anyway.

Has your rage abated at all since the last episode? Do you feel like Booth and Brennan might be getting back on track? Would you rather just get back to focusing on the cases?

Posted by:Liz Pardue