bones scheduling move 'Bones': Booth and Brennan's baby, Season 8, X rated episodes and more from Paley FestLet’s hope there weren’t too many kids watching the Paley Fest “Bones” panel Thursday night, because the R. Kelly jokes and references to possible X-rated episodes made it less-than-ideal for a family audience.

That said, the cast and producers Stephen Nathan and Hart Hanson are clearly close, and their banter made it seem like we were all hanging out at a friend’s house eating donuts together instead of in an auditorium watching a interview.

Did we mention there were donuts involved? Star David Boreanaz brought two giant bags of donuts to share with the audience. Since there weren’t enough for everyone in the crowd, he limited the giveaway to people who asked questions (and one who reminded him of the name of a World War II movie involving a tank that shot paint — long story).

Now, on to the info we gleaned from the hourlong discussion [Warning: Spoilers ahead!]:

Booth and Brennan’s baby is named Christine Angela (after Brennan’s mom and Angela)
Before the panel began, the audience screened the next episode — the one in which the little one is welcomed to the world. For a woman who doesn’t believe in religion, it’s pretty ironic that she gives birth in a stable after being turned away from an inn! (By the way, Brennan goes into labor in the middle of a prison. All in a day’s work.)

The baby who played Christine pulled a Fergie on set
While Boreanaz reminisced about the special effects required for the birth scene (“there was a lot of grape jelly on that baby’s head”), star Emily Deschanel remembered that the baby on set that day actually peed on her while they were shooting — she remembers because her own baby, son Henry, did the same thing later that day. Hanson clarified: “Henry’s her baby, not her husband.” John Francis Daley took it further: “Her husband’s R. Kelly.” Oh yes, he went there.

Hanson is confident the show will get renewed for Season 8
“We’re getting Season 8 and probably Season 9,” he told the crowd, before clarifying that nothing’s official. All the financials and boring business details still have to be worked out, but he’s confident they’ll be back. “In many ways, ‘Bones’ is FOX’s most successful hourlong scripted drama.”

Every episode of “Bones” is secretly X-rated
The pen that Booth carries is not family-friendly. “My pen undresses,” Boreanaz told the crowd. Daley explained: “Every episode is X-rated and no one knows.” Of course, after that revelation, now the pen will probably be blurred out. “Or a blue dot,” Daley suggested, a nod to his high-school streaking experience on “Freaks and Geeks.”

Is there Deschanel sister crossover potential?
Zooey Deschanel probably won’t be back on “Bones” any time soon, but Emily says that there’s definitely a possibility she could turn up on “New Girl.” She’s discussed it with her sister, but nothing’s actually in the works yet. Speaking of Zooey, when Daley pointed out the adorableness of Boreanaz helping Emily fix her microphone, Hanson clarified that it wasn’t adorkable. “My sister has that covered,” Emily said.

Stay tuned for Zap2it‘s backstage red carpet interviews with the cast as we lead up to the mid-season premiere of “Bones” on Monday, April 2.

Posted by:Jean Bentley