rena-sofer-bones-USETHIS-320.jpgSorry, “Bones” shippers, but I think we may have just hit a small iceberg. Rena Sofer guest stars as Dr. Bryar, a marine biologist who hooks Booth and reels him in so fast my head is spinning, while Andrew Hacker returns to court Brennan in his infuriatingly charming way. Mayday! Mayday!

“Live every week like it’s Shark Week”: Dr. Bryar brings our favorite duo a leg found in a tiger shark that washed up on shore. The shark was just released from an aquarium where it was kept in a giant tank with other sharks and sea creatures. One of said sea creatures burps out a skull while Booth and Brennan are checking the place out. What the- what kind of non-sharky fish eats whole heads? Terrifying!  

The victim was thrown, alive, to the sharks after being stabbed by something. They identify him as Jazz Gunn, a motivational speaker who claimed to be cured of a spinal injury after swimming with sharks. In actuality, Brennan discovers that he was cured by a mad scientist-worthy surgery involving shark embryos. Fascinating.

When Brennan discovers that Gunn was really getting therapeutic surgery in Brazil rather than swimming with sharks, the trail leads to a schoolteacher accompanying her students to a field trip at the aquarium the night of the murder. A huge Gunn fan, she’d been to the same place in Brazil where Gunn claimed to swim with sharks, hoping he could help with her fibromyalgia, but discovered he was a fraud. When she happened upon him at their school field trip and he further infuriated her by suggesting she face her fears like he did with the sharks, she shoved his head into a lionfish tank — where he was stung with their venomous spines — before throwing him to the sharks. Doesn’t seem too sorry, either.

Moving on: Booth takes an immediate liking to Dr. Bryar — I guess it’s hard to ignore a beautiful woman who’s obviously into you. He falls over furniture and everything! Sigh. Can someone please explain to me how guys can move on so quickly from one woman to the next? She’s bold to the extreme, actually stopping by his office to ask him out to dinner while she’s a suspect in the investigation. In an awkward but cute conversation, he agrees to call her when the case is solved. Bah.

Brennan’s not out there on her own, though: Hacker’s back and he’s as into her as ever. Over the phone, he asks Booth to tell Brennan that he’s looking forward to their date. Brennan slyly admits that Hacker asked her out to a play, but she thinks that’s just his code word for sex. To channel Angela for a second: Oh, sweetie. The slow dance was one thing, but stop and think for a minute, lady! Booth tries to say “yeah” as casually as possible when she asks if it’s okay to talk like that, but he’s not fooling anyone. Turns out, though, that she turned down the “play” and just agreed to coffee. Well, that’s something.

Brennan tries to talk Dr. Bryar up to Booth when the case is over: “She’s easily as pretty as I am. I mean, using me as a standard.” Booth: “Bones, you are the standard.” Well, I guess he’s not quite done moving on yet. Brennan: “Andrew is not as handsome as you. Using you as a standard. He is, however, taller.” Brennan points out that she’s smarter than Bryar, and reminds Booth when he mentions Hacker’s intelligence that Booth once called him a doofus. She says she hopes he and Bryar have a good time together, he wishes her the same, they look at each other, and I assume America wants to join me in knocking their heads together.

Much as I hate to admit it, Bones and Hacker are pretty cute on their date. And I’d start worrying, ’cause she really may not be able to resist the man who shows her that the Rat Pack is a good thing! Booth’s meetup with Bryar goes similarly well, with jokes and everything. She intuits that Booth needs company, and he immediately follows her suggestion to ask her to dinner. Stop moving on so fast, dude!

He and Brennan close out the night at the bar, and when he asks, she tells him her date was enjoyable. When Booth says the same, Brennan emphasizes that he deserves a good woman. Booth: “So do you, Bones, I mean, not a woman, but you know what I mean.” She knows. And something tells me that for just a little while Booth is going to enjoy being around a woman who gets jokes and pop culture references. But come on, even if she didn’t get Bryar’s joke, it’s totally endearing that she thinks the Rat Pack must be “extraordinary rodents.” I wish Hacker weren’t in the mix, but I still think she’ll become increasingly alarmed at the thought of Booth moving on, and start to second guess her decision. (Think = hope.)

Odds and Ends:

  • Well, at least I knew it was coming. I can’t say I’m psyched with how quickly Booth was dazzled by another woman, but Brennan clearly needs a good shaking up, so I’m gonna keep telling myself this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
  • I thought it was sweet that Booth tried to convince Brennan to leave the shark tank scuba diving to Hodgins. And I’ve gotta say, while I’ve snorkeled with sharks and still have all my limbs, it seems a little more nerve-wracking if you’re in an enclosed tank.
  • Lock-in at the aquarium = coolest field trip ever.
  • Vladov the Impaler? Awesome Dracula reference! And wow, that was one impressive filter. 
  • Sweets: “It’s pretty tough to tell your average nine-year-old from your average psychopath.” Booth: “Don’t say that! I have a kid near that age.”
  • Much as I try to cut her some slack given her background and lack of understanding of social mores, the optics of Brennan listening to Booth confess his love and then immediately dating his boss (even without going to a “play”) are unfortunate. I really do believe she totally took Booth at his word that they could go back to normal, and that he’d move on, so I’m trying not to be too mad at her apparent callousness. That said, poor Booth.    


Well, I can imagine this episode will fuel some pretty heated debate. Have any of your feelings changed since last week? What do you think about Brennan and Hacker?     

Posted by:Liz Pardue