bones 100th booth brennan p 'Bones': Booth gambles, we reach for the anger management aidsThere has never been a “Bones” episode quite as highly anticipated as this one. Not only is “The Parts in the Sum of the Whole” the 100th episode, but it was directed by series star David Boreanaz, and the cast and creators have been teasing us mercilessly about it for months. Finally!

Forgoing the usual cold open, the episode begins with Bones and Booth on their way to see Sweets about a minor error in his book. Of course, by ‘minor error’ we mean the whole book was a wash. The case study Sweets has been working on is based on Bones and Booth’s first interactions. Unfortunately, they never actually told him about the first case they worked together.

Isn’t Sweets supposed to be some boy-genius? You’d think that he’d make sure that his entire book wasn’t based on a misunderstanding, oh, I don’t know… before he wrote the book. Regardless, it made for a great episode.

As Bones and Booth tell their story, we flash back to six years ago, where Booth is reading about the Kerry/Bush presidential debates in the newspaper. (You know, in case you needed a reminder of how long six years is.) Booth was more reckless back then, and at the height of his gambling addiction, when Cam suggested he seek out Dr. Brennan for help on a case gone cold.

We love the way Bones’ team at the Jeffersonian came together. To say Zack (Yes! Zack! He’s back!) and Hodgins didn’t get along is an understatement. Even Brennan only knew Hodgins as an unpleasant nuisance with an anger management problem. He’s in a program, though, and snaps a rubber band around his wrist to keep from freaking out too much. Angela was brought into the mix to help reconstruct the facial features of the victim based on her skull, and later to help Bones and Booth demonstrate the fight that preceded the murder.

“Well maybe if this little stick-figure thing was a big computer, lots of bells and whistles, but right now it just looks like a sadistic children’s book,” Caroline says when Angela presents her flip-book. And thus, the idea for the Angelator was planted!

Brennan wouldn’t be welcome on the case much longer, though. As Booth put it, when “Doctor Bones punched the judge in the nose,” she was fired over some pretty serious tequila drinking… which led to one of two huge bombshells in the episode.

Bones doesn’t have time to be disappointed about being fired – she’s too busy being excited that since she and Booth no longer work together, they’re allowed to have sex.

We’ll just give you a moment to let that sink in.

Booth tells her about his gambling problem, because he thinks “this is going somewhere,” and then they make out in the rain. “There was tongue contact!” Brennan tells Sweets.

Now we’ll just give you a moment to let that sink in.

Of course, Bones is the queen of using her head when she should use her heart (or other body parts), so she gets in a cab and heads home. Booth, while tempted by the idea of a little late-night gambling, does the same. Imagine that! One kiss and his addiction is cured.

Unfortunately, things get awkward when they go back to work together. Despite solving the crime – as always – Bones and Booth can’t seem to get along. The case ends with her slapping him, calling him a bully, and declaring that they’ll never work together again. Obviously that worked out real well.

Sweets’ expression probably mirrors that of fans all across the country when he finds out about the kiss. “It’s like you two missed your moment and then you punished each other for it,” he says, exasperated. “And you know who ends up paying the price? Me. I do.”

He plants a seed in Booth’s head, though. “It’s gotta be you, because you’re the gambler. For once, make that work for you.” If Sweets is so convinced that Booth and Bones are perfect for each other, why did he discourage Booth from pursuing her after his coma earlier in the season? Come on, Sweets. Pick a side here.

On their walk home, Bones and Booth pause at some bleachers that are painted with the Carl Sandberg quote: “Nothing happens unless first a dream.” It’s the least subtle reference ever, of course, to the coma dream Booth had in which he and Bones were happily married.

Here’s the moment we’ve been waiting for through six long seasons. The gambler in Booth finally makes his wager. “When you talk to older couples who have been in love for thirty or forty or fifty years, it’s always the guy who says ‘I knew,'” he says. “I knew, right from the beginning.”

She gives her typical response. “Your evidence is anecdotal.”

“Bones, I’m that guy. I know.” When he kissed her, we held our breath. For a split second, the planets aligned, the birds chirped, and the fat lady sang… and then Bones pushed him away, shouting “No!”

Apparently, she’s so dangerous and stoic and unchanging that big bad Booth, with his gun and his “Cocky” belt buckle, needs to be protected from her.

Yeah, we know. You need more than a moment to let that sink in. Maybe we can borrow one of Hodgins’ rubber bands to snap over and over again.

Once you’ve processed, weigh in on tonight’s episode in the comments below! Did Booth and Bones’ first case go as you’d hoped it would? Do you think they’ll be able to keep working together?

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie