david boreanaz emily deschanel bones 320 'Bones': Brennan finally gets her promWe’re back in town for Brennan’s high school reunion on “Bones,” and it’s quite the journey into Brennan’s loner past — an interesting and possibly illuminating follow-up to her reaction to Booth’s gamble. But first of all, can I just take a moment to say OH MY GOD, and bemoan the fact that I was out of the country for the 100th episode? Because OH MY GOD! A couple quick thoughts on GambleGate, and then I promise I’ll get recappin’:

Don’t throw virtual rotten cadavers at me, but I actually really liked the episode (with a couple caveats — quite the flip flop by Sweets, for instance). Of course I yelled “Nooo!” embarrassingly loudly at my TV during the last scene, and of course I felt Booth’s devastation (maaad props to David Boreanaz, by the way), but overall I feel like we’ve made good progress! I mean, at least it’s out there now.

Brennan will have some time to get past the panic and really ponder — especially when she sees Booth “move on” — and she can go ahead and gather all the empirical evidence she needs (and hopefully have a heart-to-heart with Angela “Page 187” Montenegro while she’s at it), maybe even in time for the finale? Don’t give up hope yet, friends! Okay, I’m done now … except to give a shout-out to ChoeBe, whose comment on the episode more or less read my mind. Now on to the current events…

The Case: A corpse shows up just in time for Brennan’s high school reunion, and the remains were dismembered and dumped in the same way as a murder from Brennan’s senior year, which itself mirrored a local urban legend. I suggest Booth and Brennan look for a man with a hook for a hand. Or perhaps a Mexican sewer rat?

The victim, Evelyn, was a classmate of Brennan’s, and since she was a popular cheerleader the suspects are many. Notable among them is a super-creepy custodian who was basically Brennan’s BFF in high school. He used to find dead animals for her to dissect, while they had long conversations about death. Ooof course. Booth: “You were Wednesday Addams!” He’s not far off: her nickname was Morticia. Also on staff at the school is a former classmate of Brennan’s who now teaches shop and spends his spare time carving creepy wooden name signs of “his girls,” including Brennan and Evelyn.

Turns out, though, that Evelyn was stabbed to death with reunion decorations after refusing to share her husband with the killer, a completely bonkers classmate. Seems they had a pact in high school to kill the first victim and share her boyfriend (now Evelyn’s husband), but Evelyn didn’t hold up her end of the bargain and refused to share him. Thus, murder by shiny metal star. Yeah, wow. And they called Brennan the creepy girl?

Booth and Brennan: Booth and Brennan pretend they’re married and in town for the reunion in order to avoid publicizing the murder and causing a panic. Kind of a weak excuse, but I’ll take it. A little harsh to see a man panicking that his wife didn’t show up, all the while knowing her remains are at the Jeffersonian, though.

Despite the cover, every woman in town tries to get into Booth’s pants. Can’t say I blame them. And hey, can’t hurt for Brennan to get a reminder of how quickly Booth will get snapped up once he’s on the market, right? When Sweets brings up Booth’s feelings for Brennan (via webcam), Booth announces that he’s moved on and already has a date next week. Sweets: “Oh really, who might that be?” Booth: “Thanks, take care!” [Slams laptop shut.] Phew!

At the reunion, we discover that Brennan is a hysterical dancer, and is completely unaware of that fact. Neither of these two things is surprising. When “Kiss From a Rose” comes on and she asks Booth to dance with her, he hesitates because it’s a slow song and he doesn’t want any misunderstandings. Uh, does he mean misunderstandings on his part? Because she already knows how he feels about her. He tells her, “We opened up a door there that neither one of us wants to walk through.” Again, neither one of you? I guess I can’t fault him for trying to rewrite history a little there — his heart and ego suffered a pretty big blow in the last episode.  

Brennan insists she just likes the song, and so Booth, of course, gives in. But when she tries to go for the close hold, he moves back to arms’ length so he can “keep room for the Holy Spirit.” Ha! During the song, Brennan tears up because she’s at the prom she never got to go to. Wow, that’s fairly huge for her, emotionally. Recognizing that, Booth again gives in and they dance cheek to cheek. All together now: Awwwwww. I’m not sure if he was looking for an excuse to do that or if he just couldn’t refuse her, but either way it’s a very sweet scene.

Hodgela: After Hodgins accidentally (or should that word be in quotation marks?) spills the beans about Angela’s pregnancy scare, Wendell assures her that he’d do the right thing if she were pregnant — marry her, even. Man, she actually knows how to pick ’em, doesn’t she? And while she thinks he’s the best guy she’s ever met, she can’t help but compare and contrast Wendell’s attitude of “bearing the consequences” versus Hodgins’ real desire to be with her and the baby.

So, Angela breaks up with her “sexy saint.” Angela: “You have somebody out there who isn’t a duty.” Wendell: “So do you. And I think we both know who.” She has a nice conversation with Hodgins, too, so you Hodgela folks should be feeling pretty optimistic right now.

Odds and Ends:

  • Brennan’s very sweet speech to the gang about how the reunion made her see how lucky she was to have a group of friends like them really showed Booth’s influence on her. The old Brennan might have been self-aware enough to notice that she was happier with friends than without them, but I seriously doubt it would have occurred to her to tell that to said friends.
  • I gotta say, I dug the opening scene. As pop culture references go, the Katy Perry-inspired makeout session was a solid one, and the flying rotten skull was kinda classic.
  • For the record, Brennan’s yearbook entry lists her as belonging to the Chemistry Club and the Math Club, and lists her interests as Chemistry and Math. At least she was doing what she loved? She was also a National Merit Scholar and an “Academic All Star.” And her yearbook picture really does make her look like Wednesday Addams.



  • Brennan, walking around the super-creepy custodian’s super-creepy lair: “Ah, I have such fond memories of this place!” All those scenes of her happily reminiscing about him really cracked me up.
  • Booth: “A girl like yourself, with marginal social standing, takes out her hostility by striking the popular girl. I mean, it is quite common.” Brennan: “Okay, that sounded clinical, but felt very insulting.” Finally putting the pieces together that even stating a fact can be an insult, hm?
  • Cam: “I run a kindergarten.”
  • Police officer, on a possible murder suspect: “Oh, I can’t believe it’d be her. Her cakes are so light and fluffy!”
  • Creepy Custodian: “Them smiley ones — they always give me the willies.”
  • Hodgins: “[Wendell] is better for having known you, Angela.” Angela: “How can you be sure?” Hodgins: “Because I’ve been there.”


Now that you’ve had a week to ruminate, how do you feel about the 100th episode? What did you think about their transition back to a working relationship? Is anyone out there mourning the death of Wengela? 

Posted by:Liz Pardue