emilydeschanel davidboreanaz2 bones s5 290 'Bones': Brennan lets her geek flag flyWow, they really aren’t kidding around with the Booth/Brennan stuff this season on “Bones,” are they? Not that I’m complaining! We also got to see the awesomely geeky anthropologist side of Brennan tonight, which was a great reminder that just because she’s brilliant and lacks people skills, it doesn’t mean she’s cold and clinical about everything.

The Case:

Our first victim, it seems, is a 3,000 year-old mummy. But seeing as our mummy is covered in fresh blood, it’s safe to assume that there’s another, more recent victim. Brennan completely geeks out about the possibility of the mummy being a new archaeological find, and it’s as endearing as it is hilarious. To give you a point of reference, she and Daisy are equally excited. Yeah. Apparently, “The Mummy” inspired Brennan to be an anthropologist – and how funny was she reciting the lines along with Boris Karloff?

Brennan identifies the mummy as being valuable enough to kill for: Anok, the second son of a pharaoh, who trampled his brother Meti with a horse in order to take the throne, but was decapitated by his father. And he was apparently on loan to the Jeffersonian from the Egyptian government. Ooooh, awkward, especially considering the fact that he’s been cut open and something has been removed from his chest cavity. You probably can’t hide that kind of damage with silly putty and concealer, or whatever they used on “Six Feet Under.”

The director of the Egyptian department seems like the logical person to talk to, but it seems Dr. Kaswell has been killed and stuffed into the mummy’s coffin. How…appropriate? Before the squints finish examining Anok, Egypt comes by to claim their priceless, and now damaged, cultural artifact. Fair enough, guys.

Luckily, the gang is able to track down a CAT scan Dr. Kaswell took of Anok before she died, which shows that the object in his chest was not only painted with hieroglyphics, but also contained a big fat ruby in place of Anok’s heart. Well, Brennan may think Anok alone is valuable enough to kill for, but I think the ruby definitely seals the deal. And on the very short list of people who saw the CAT scan? Mr. Turnbull, the exhibit’s administrator. Of course we take a few wrong turns before arriving there, but I’m going for brevity here, so work with me.

Mr. Turnbull lost his retirement funds in the market, and justified his planned theft by reasoning that no one had even known the ruby was there before. He planned to sneak in, take the ruby, and close Anok up again, but Dr. Kaswell interrupted him. And may I just note that though I didn’t exactly call it, I’d been down on him since he subtly slammed DC earlier in the episode? I’ve managed to make it much longer than two weeks in DC, thankyouverymuch.

And hey, it’s a twofer this week! Brennan and an Egyptian scholar are able to translate the hieroglyphics on the box that held the ruby: it’s a note from Anok’s mother calling him guiltless. That’s enough for Brennan (ever the justice-seeker) to leap into action! She obtains Meti’s remains from New York, examines them, and determines he wasn’t trampled but rather suffered from brittle bone disease and died in the fall off his horse. Her discovery prompts a whole new exhibit, and provides a nice window into what her life might be like if she weren’t solving crimes all the time. Honestly, it looks like she really enjoys it. …Though I suppose she wouldn’t be solving 3,000 year-old “murder” cases very often.

The Squint Squad:

johnfrancisdaley bones s5 290 'Bones': Brennan lets her geek flag flySweets puts in a good word for Daisy, convincing Brennan to give her another shot at being an intern. Yay! He’s helped to control her excitement through breathing exercises and a hilariously modulated voice tone, but the real Daisy shines through pretty frequently. This time around, though, she contains herself just enough for Brennan to see her value.

Unfortunately, Sweets doesn’t have the confidence in Daisy to let her fly solo, and when she sees him trying to check up on her she freezes him out. Thanks to an insightful Cam, Sweets realizes that he needs to trust Daisy and let her screw up on her own. And after a very sweet apology, they’re back together and “sexy growling” (as my closed captioning put it) at each other in no time.

Booth and Brennan:

Meaty stuff this week! Oswald from the Drew Carey Show is all grown up (awww) and is Booth’s boss’s boss – Andrew to Dr. Brennan, and Assistant Director Hacker to Booth. He has a bit of a crush on Brennan…or as she puts it, “Director Hacker wants to have sex with me.” In a shocking turn of events, Booth isn’t psyched about her dating his superior. Hacker does him the courtesy of double-checking about the nature of Booth’s relationship with Brennan, but Booth claims it’s strictly professional. Riiiiight.

Brennan is completely, charmingly Brennan on their date and tries not to talk about Booth (per his request), but slips and tells a story about his mom’s meatloaf. When she’s called back to the lab, Angela lays a little knowledge on her: Booth is mad about the date because a) she’s dating his boss’s boss and could screw up the natural order of things, and b) Booth wants to date her himself. Brennan points out that she drinks with Booth all the time, but she could have sex with Hacker. Angela: “…And not with Booth?” [pause] Brennan: “So…there was something you wanted me to see?”

Hacker goes to see Booth, and even though I’m rooting for him to fail, he’s pretty adorable. He admits that it’s been a while since he met someone special, and he doesn’t want to make a fool out of himself if she’s only dating him because he’s the boss. Um, give her a little credit, dude! Booth points out the obvious: Brennan could care less about Hacker’s, or anyone’s, position.

Later, Booth busts Brennan on talking about him during the date.

Brennan: “Why are you so upset?”

Booth: “Because…what goes on between us is ours.”

Brennan: “Come on, Booth, you must’ve told a lot of people that meatloaf story, right?”

Booth: [long look]

At the opening of Brennan’s exhibit, Booth gives her a really sweet pep talk about changing history, and she throws it right back to him. He also mentions that Hacker had said she’d be taking him to the event. And yet, no Hacker. Hmmmmm. Brennan: “I was, yes, but…you and I, this was our case…and I guess…what goes on between us, that should just be ours. Isn’t that what you said?” Please note they’re so close at this point that they’re practically breathing each other’s air. Buuut, of course they’re interrupted by the squints calling them back to the event.

Brennan fixes Booth’s bow tie, Booth brushes (strokes, really) the hair off her shoulder and clears his throat, and they walk off together. They’re totally making up excuses to touch each other, in case that wasn’t clear. Squees all around? Yeah, I thought so.

Sick of all the Booth/Brennan yet? How do you feel about Daisy’s return?

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